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Cassandra on Kubernetes at Target with Aaron Ploetz

Distributed Data Show Episode 39

We talk with Aaron Ploetz of Target about how they implemented Cassandra on Kubernetes, his new NoSQL book coming out soon, and becoming the points leader on Cassandra responses on Stack Overflow.


0:15 - David welcomes Cassandra MVP Aaron Ploetz to the show and celebrates Aaron passing Jonathan Ellis to the top of the Cassandra tag in Stack Overflow

1:12 - Aaron explains how Target is moving toward on-demand deployments of Cassandra using Kubernetes, starting on Target’s private cloud running OpenStack

2:42 - Aaron shares about testing this solution, including use of cassandra-stress. In one interesting case a cluster destroyed inadvertently was trivially rebuilt by Kubernetes pointing to the same backing store, with no perceived outage to the client.

4:17 - These methods apply to deployment of other distributed data stores such as Redis

5:30 - The performance test results observed by Aaron’s team for Cassandra on Kubernetes were competitive with non-Kubernetes Cassandra deployments in their external cloud provider

6:25 - Most of the work in running Cassandra on Kubernetes consists of building the initial container images

7:27 - Aaron talks about his work on the book Seven NoSQL Databases in a Week for Packt Publishing 



Aaron Ploetz, Engineering Lead

Aaron Ploetz

at DataStax

David Jones-Gilardi Headshot

David Jones-Gilardi

at DataStax