View Cassandra Summit 2016 Keynote
Featuring Billy Bosworth, CEO of DataStax, Jonathan Ellis, CTO / Co-Founder of DataStax and Rajay Rai, Digital Architect of Macquarie Group
End Point, a database expert and full-service ecommerce consulting company, performed a series of performance tests on ​leading ​NoSQL ​database ​vendors​. ​The​ overall conclusion​ shows ​Apache Cassandra™ significantly ​outperform​​ing​ ​the​ ​most recent version of​ ​other NoSQL databases​, including Couchbase 3.0, MongoDB 3.0 (with the Wired Tiger storage engine)​ and HBase 0.98, in throughput and latency.
As a DBA, perhaps you’ve seen database engines such as object-oriented and OLAP databases come and go, and you’re wondering why NoSQL should be any different. You may ask questions like: What kinds of administration and management work does NoSQL entail? How do I create databases, objects, and read/write data without SQL? Learn what NoSQL is, why it’s needed, and when it’s not.
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