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Learning Series

Data Modeling by Example

This growing collection of data modeling examples from various domains will help you get started on your own Apache Cassandra™ database schema design. Each example applies our Cassandra Data Modeling Methodology to produce and visualize four important artifacts: conceptual data model, application workflow model, logical data model and physical data model. Last but not least, the hands-on portion of each example makes it easy to implement a data model in Cassandra, express data access patterns as CQL queries and run the queries against our sample dataset. Get a functioning proof of concept for your use case in minutes!

Learning Series Topics



  • 01Sensor Data Modeling
  • 02Messaging Data Modeling
  • 03Digital Library Data Modeling
  • 04Investment Portfolio Data Modeling
  • 05Time Series Data Modeling
  • 06Shopping Cart Data Modeling
  • 07Order Management Data Modeling

Data Modeling By Example

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