Learning Series

What’s New in Cassandra 4.0?

Apache Cassandra® 4.0 is the most stable and extensively tested major release of Apache Cassandra to date. Various innovations and enhancements have resulted in improved scaling of operations, significant performance and security, and reduced costs. After completing this series, you’ll understand how to use virtual tables to inspect the state of your nodes, perform full query and audit logging, and much more.

Learning Series Topics


  • 01Introduction to Apache Cassandra 4.0
  • 02Virtual Tables
  • 03Audit Logging
  • 04Async Internode Messaging
  • 05Experimental Features
  • 06Repair Improvements
  • 07Full Query Logging
  • 08Migrate from Cassandra 3.x to 4.x
  • 09Zero Copy Streaming

What’s New in Cassandra 4.0?