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Astra DB: Get Up to 12x Faster AI Responses than Pinecone

Astra DB is a serverless vector database that makes it easier to build accurate Gen AI applications on real-time production data.

Outshine Pinecone with:

  • Up to 18% more relevant AI Search than Pinecone
  • Up to 12x faster response times
  • Astra DB delivers vector data updates with ZERO delay.

All this speed and performance comes with the compliance and security features production applications need.

Build production RAG applications with LangChain and LlamaIndex, with the freedom of multi-cloud or open source.

Why choose DataStax over Pinecone?

Create apps faster

Astra DB gives developers an intuitive API and streamlined RAG Stack for rapid deployment.

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Simplify every step

Work on the code that matters—and avoid time-wasting configuration changes.

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Improve performance

Create apps that perform on any cloud—with no need to scale up or down.

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Build accurate AI precision on production real-time customer data and streaming 

Predictive Analytics. Chatbots. Voice Recognition. Whatever your innovation involves, Astra DB Vector is your partner in swiftly navigating from concept to deployment. Witness how contemporaries are pioneering AI-driven applications with our unified service—eschewing the complexity of traditional database management.
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