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Streaming-as-a-Service powered by Apache Pulsar

Astra Streaming is an open, multi-cloud event-streaming and data-streaming cloud service powered by Apache Pulsar™ for modern data applications built with microservices, event driven application stacks, real time data, IoT, machine learning data and more.

  • Get started for free - no credit card required
  • No operations - eliminate the overhead to operate and scale self-managed streaming services
  • Out of the box integration with DataStax Astra Cassandra-as-a-Service for easy data ingestion
  • Proven streaming at global-scale, with multi-region failover, built on open-source Apache Pulsar™
  • Deploy multi-cloud, streaming across multiple geographies on AWS, Azure, and GCP
  • Elastic, consumption-based pricing with ‘pay as you go’ model
  • Easily configurable via the admin console or REST API

Coming soon.
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