DataStax Enterprise

The Database for Cloud Applications

The rise of cloud applications demands a new approach to data management.
These applications require a highly scalable database capable of intelligently
distributing load across clusters of machines spanning multiple datacenters.
Cloud Applications require immediate, low latency access to data to provide
interactive and customer facing functionality. They also require powerful
tools capable of understanding data in real-time so that developers can
create compelling and intelligent functionality.

DataStax Enterprise (DSE) accelerates your ability to deliver real-time
value at epic scale by providing a comprehensive and operationally simple
data management layer with a unique always-on architecture built on Apache
. DataStax Enterprise provides the distributed, responsive and
intelligent foundation to build and run cloud applications.
DataStax Managed Cloud
Innovate instead of administrate.
A white glove, fully managed service to accelerate your time to market, DataStax Managed Cloud is the easiest way to quickly scale any essential application without having to divert valuable resources for operations management. It’s massively scalable, always on, fully managed for you, and powered by the best distribution of Apache Cassandra. DataStax can even manage your on-premises and other public cloud environments as well as hybrid cloud. The only thing it’s missing is a spaceship to go to Mars, but we’re working on it.
Powering Transformative
Cloud Applications
Watch how Netflix and Walmart accelerate their time to market by using DataStax Enterprise to power highly engaging cloud applications.
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Create Real-Time Value

DataStax Enterprise offers advanced functionality designed to accelerate your ability to create intelligent and compelling cloud applications. Integrated within each node of DSE is powerful indexing, search, analytics and graph functionality. You can write data once, and access it using a variety of workloads or access patterns, all from a single cohesive solution. You no longer have to worry about keeping multiple databases in sync or writing complicated and error prone integration code. DataStax Enterprise frees you to focus on the portions of the application that matter most to your audience and deliver products to market faster with lower risk.

Advanced Indexing and Search

Integrated within each node of DSE is an advanced indexing engine with powerful search capabilities. The indexing engine allows you to quickly and easily find data using complex queries and includes support for sub-string, fuzzy and full text search. The indexing engine also has full support for fast, real-time aggregations, faceting, and filtering, making it easy to locate data that is important to your users. The integration of indexing and search makes it simple to target use cases that require indexing transactions, hosting product catalogs, or searching document repositories.

Powerful Integrated Analytics

Customers expect your applications to provide intelligent and personalized behavior. In order to accomplish this goal, developers need powerful streaming and batch analytics tools capable of understanding data as it flows through the application. Integrated into DSE is the industry standard Apache Spark large scale data processing engine, which allows you to easily construct pipelines that interact with data across both streaming and batch workloads. DSE builds upon the functionality found in Apache Spark to eliminate points of failure, increase performance, and provide full integration with the search and graph capabilities present in DSE. Because DSE Analytics is tightly integrated, it inherits all the enterprise grade functionality that you expect such as security and simple, unified administration.

Multi-Model and Graph

Modern applications need to consume data using a variety of different access patterns and this has historically required using a number of different databases, one for each access method. The complexity created by stitching together multiple systems makes it difficult and costly to maintain or develop new functionality. To solve this problem, DataStax Enterprise provides a powerful multi-model platform with support for key-value, tabular, JSON/Document and graph. This capability allows you to write data to a single solution and access it using a variety of methods based on the needs of your application.
“DataStax Enterprise powers our geospatial search and
delivers real time insights to our customers who rely on the most
recent data to support their market-level decisions.”
Clear Capital

Run at Epic Scale

DataStax Enterprise is the only operational database which can scale linearly in excess of 1,000 nodes, with no single point of failure, and is capable of providing real-time active-everywhere replication across many datacenters and cloud providers. Companies such as Netflix, Intuit, ING, and eBay rely upon DataStax Enterprise to power their mission critical data-intensive applications. Whether you’re targeting IoT, personalization, or trying to better understand your customers, DataStax Enterprise provides a cohesive, scalable, reliable and operationally simple data management layer which frees you to focus on creating value for your customers.

Simplify Operations with OpsCenter

DataStax OpsCenter is the web-based visual management and monitoring solution for DataStax Enterprise. OpsCenter and the integrated management services provide operations staff with the capabilities needed to intelligently and proactively manage multiple database clusters and simplify everyday tasks. At the click of a button you can provision, monitor, backup and manage your DSE clusters.

In-Memory and Tiered Storage

DataStax Enterprise allows database administrators to leverage multiple storage options in order to achieve performance and cost optimizations goals. The DSE in-memory option provides lightning-fast performance for read-intensive situations, while the tiered storage option intelligently moves older and less frequently accessed data to cheaper tiers of conventional storage.
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Multi-Instance Deployment

We understand that datacenter real estate is at a premium, and that it’s sometimes cheaper to run larger, more powerful machines. To help, DSE allows administrators to achieve higher overall system utilization by dividing machines among several instances of DSE. DataStax Enterprise intelligently provisions database nodes across the datacenter to ensure that cost saving goals are met without compromising availability.
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Advanced Replication

DSE Advanced Replication builds upon the multi-datacenter support in Apache Cassandra to facilitate scenarios where selective or “hub and spoke” replication is required. DSE Advanced Replication is specifically designed to tolerate sporadic connectivity that can occur in constrained environments, such as retail, oil-and-gas remote sites and cruise ships. With Advanced Replication, you can rest assured knowing that business will continue despite connectivity issues common with remote deployments.
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Advanced Security

DataStax Enterprise builds upon the basic security features provided by the open source Apache Cassandraproject by providing the tools necessary to meet stringent HIPAA, PCI and SOX compliance requirements. This functionality includes support for industry standard authentication mechanisms, role-based authentication, user activity auditing, and end-to-end encryption.
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  • Unified Authentication and Access Control
    The unified authentication and role-based access controls of DSE allow you to easily provision and manage the permissions of users across a variety of sources including LDAP, Active Directory and Kerberos. DSE allows you to utilize multiple sources of authentication and role assignments in the same cluster (e.g. Active Directory for administrators, and Kerberos for applications).

  • End to End Encryption
    DataStax Enterprise has advanced integrated encryption capabilities that protects data on disk, in transit between nodes, and between client and server. Combined with support for the industry standard KMIP encryption key management protocol, DataStax Enterprise protects your data whether it’s in-flight or at rest.

  • User Activity Auditing
    DataStax Enterprise has integrated user activity auditing functionality that allows you to record and audit all or a portion of user activity. Record all or track a subset of user activity including login attempts to discover data breaches or unauthorized behavior.
“DataStax Enterprise is the preferred database at Netflix with 95% of Netflix’s
non-program data stored in DSE. DSE provides more than 10 million transactions
per second, more than 2.1 billion reads and 4.3 billion writes per day.”

Enterprise Ready

DataStax Enterprise at its core, provides companies with a professionally tested and certified version of Apache Cassandra designed to support your application at scale. Combined with our experienced and expert level services and support, you can rest assured knowing that your mission critical applications are backed by the foremost experts in Apache Cassandra and large scale distributed systems.

Production Certified Apache Cassandra

The DataStax certification program builds upon the release model of Apache Cassandra, and its method of using rapid development to deliver stable open source technology. The DataStax certification program includes formal quality assurance testing, scale and performance testing (up to 1,000 nodes for each major release), platform certification, third party software validation, certified software updates, back porting of bug fixes, long-term support, formal end-of-life policies, security audits, and digitally signed code.

Mission Critical Support

DataStax delivers the expert support and services for both production and non-production database systems that you require and expect. Whether you have a new cloud application in development or have database clusters already in production, DataStax offers a wide range of support services to ensure that your mission critical systems are available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. DataStax support is a globally distributed team offering true follow-the-sun capabilities and is staffed by the world’s foremost experts in Apache Cassandra and distributed database systems.

Bug Escalation

DataStax customers have the option of escalating a bug they discover in Apache Cassandra so that it receives priority over other bugs with respect to being fixed. The bug escalation component of DataStax support helps ensure that issues found by customers receive the highest attention of DataStax support and engineering, resulting in the fastest possible resolution for DataStax customer reported issues in Apache Cassandra.

Hot Fixes

DataStax customers that experience major performance or uptime issues due to a bug in Apache Cassandra can report the problem and receive a customized patched version of DataStax Enterprise that they can deploy back to production. This allows the issue to be immediately rectified instead of waiting for a new release of open source Apache Cassandra that includes the patch.

Long Term Support

DataStax Enterprise customers receive full commercial software lifecycle support that includes both certified software updates and long-term support for previous releases. DataStax understands that for some users it's preferable to stick to a release schedule which changes less often and only for important bug fixes, even if such a release line lags behind in terms of features. As part of this commitment, DataStax supports both the current release and the two previous major releases.
“Mint Bills migrated to DataStax Enterprise for enterprise production support and
professional services. As a mission critical application, Mint Bills relies greatly
on the Cassandra experts and 24x7 support provided by DataStax.”
Intuit Mint Bills
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DataStax Enterprise is powered by the best distribution of Apache Cassandra™.

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