DataStax Enterprise Analytics

Your enterprise needs to capitalize on the data contained in your operational database systems in ways that provide the fastest possible time-to-insight so you can quickly make decisions that benefit your customer and business. This translates into being able to smartly run analytics on transactional data as well as being able to integrate that data with historical information contained in data warehouses when necessary.

DataStax Enterprise delivers powerful integrated analytics on Cassandra data for enterprise systems that constantly interact with external customers and internal users. Applications such as fraud detection systems, recommendation engines, IoT deployments, and other similar social applications are perfect fit for DSE Analytics.
DataStax Enterprise Max
DataStax Enterprise Standard
DataStax Enterprise Max delivers support for mixed workload applications that have transactional, analytic, search, and in-memory requirements.
Benefits of Enterprise Analytics
Streaming and Real-Time Analytics
Get the fastest possible insights with support for streaming data and real-time analytics on Cassandra data via Apache Spark integration.
Batch Analytics
For long running analysis tasks, built-in batch analytic support is provided on Cassandra data via MapReduce, Hive, Pig, and Mahout functionality.
Always-On Analytics
DSE Analytics are built on Cassandra’s architecture, which ensures constant uptime and availability for analytics operations.
Easy Set Up
Configuring a DSE cluster for analytics support is push button simple using DataStax OpsCenter.
Easy Scale Out
Additional analytic capacity can easily be added online to scale to whatever data or user demands an application has
Multi-Data Center and Cloud Analytics
Analytics operations can be configured to easily run across multiple data centers and cloud availability zones.
Workload Management
DSE provides workload management out of the box so analytics tasks do not compete with transactional or search workloads for either data or compute resources.
Hadoop Integration
DSE integrates with popular Hadoop installations from Cloudera and Hortonworks, allowing easy integration of hot transactional data and colder data housed in Hadoop data warehouses/lakes.
Visual Monitoring
Analytics functionality and performance can easily be visually managed and monitored with DataStax OpsCenter.
ODBC and JDBC Support
All popular BI tools can easily integrate with DSE Analytics via ODBC and JDBC drivers.
Why Enterprise Analytics Matters
Operations /
Central IT /
DSE Analytics robust functionality provides developers with all the analytic functions and capabilities they need to create powerful enterprise applications. One platform for analytics and transactional workloads simplifies development and connectivity with popular BI solutions makes it easy for developers to build analytics applications using their familiar tools.
Operations / DBA
With DSE Analytics, there is no need to create and maintain separate databases for both operational and analytics, nor does the DBA need to move data between systems. Simplified Management of these data is simplifies via one management solution for both transactional and analytic workloads and databases and securing data is made easy as one security framework covers everything.
Central IT / CIO
DSE Analytics delivers fast response times, which ensure satisfied users. And easy deployment of worldwide applications can result in dramatic costs savings over traditional database analytic solutions.