Production-Certified Apache Cassandra

The open source Apache Cassandra NoSQL database has quickly become the preferred data management platform for cloud applications that need to scale and perform in distributed environments that consist of multiple data centers and/or clouds.

Cassandra’s masterless, shared nothing architecture provides enterprises with constant uptime for their transactional/operational database applications as well as a flexible data model capable of storing today’s modern datatypes and operational simplicity for easy database management.

The Certified Cassandra in DataStax Enterprise builds upon open source Cassandra to deliver a database for cloud applications.
DataStax Enterprise Max
DataStax Enterprise Standard
DataStax Enterprise Max delivers support for mixed workload applications that have transactional, analytic, search, and in-memory requirements.
Benefits of Apache Cassandra
Always on Architecture
A true masterless architecture (unlike other master/slave RDBMS and NoSQL databases) delivers continuous availability for business-critical applications that can’t afford to go down, ever.
Maximum Data Distribution
The gold standard in multi-data center and cloud replication supplies real write/read anywhere capabilities, allowing you to easily put data where it’s needed anywhere in the world.
Fast Linear-Scale Performance
Enables millisecond response times with linear scalability (double your throughput with two nodes, quadruple it with four, and so on) to deliver response time speeds your customers have come to expect.
Elastic Scalability
Allows you to easily add capacity online to accommodate more customers and more data whenever you need.
Flexible Data Model
Easily handles modern data formats – structured, semi-structured and unstructured – that run through today’s web/mobile applications. Also dynamically adapts to changes in your data structures as your data needs evolve.
Operational and Developmental Simplicity
With all nodes in a cluster being the same, there is no complex software tiers to manage so administration duties are greatly simplified. Plus, the Cassandra Query Language (CQL) looks and acts just like SQL, which makes moving to Cassandra from any RDBMS very easy.
Benefits of Certified Apache Cassandra
Commercial Development and Release Model
The DataStax certification program builds upon Apache Cassandra's release model, and its method of using rapid development to deliver stable open source technology, to provide a commercial Cassandra distribution that is certified and endorsed by DataStax for enterprise web, mobile, and IoT applications. While open source Cassandra’s release early/often model of constant new features and bug fixes is done fully in the spirit of open source, Certified Cassandra is managed in a commercial software manner that delivers full enterprise readiness and includes certified software updates, backporting of bug fixes, long-term support, formal end-of-life policies, and more.
Full Production Certification
Certified Cassandra is the only version of Cassandra certified and endorsed by DataStax for enterprise environments by DataStax’s certification program, which includes formal quality assurance testing, scale and performance testing (up to 1,000 nodes on Amazon and Google), platform certification, Cassandra eco-system software certification, third party software validation, and digitally signed code.
Certified Software Updates
Only Certified Cassandra versions receive certified software updates that include the back porting of fixes to previous certified Cassandra versions.
Hot Fixes
Should a bug in Certified Cassandra cause a production application outage or serious performance issue, DataStax works to immediately correct the problem and supplies a hot fix build to get the application back online.
End of Life Support
Certified Cassandra customers receive full commercial software lifecycle support that includes both certified software updates and expert support for earlier versions of Certified Cassandra that they still have deployed in production.
Why Certified Cassandra Matters
Operations /
Central IT /
Developers love working with Cassandra, and especially Certified Cassandra in DSE because it's easy to get productive, fast, due to Cassandra’s simple but powerful architecture, table-styled data model and the Cassandra Query Language (CQL) that looks and works exactly like SQL. It frees you from manually tracking and testing open source Cassandra releases and bug fixes to ensure high software quality. And it offers the fastest application development time with trusted software and full expert support.
Operations / DBA
Certified Cassandra makes life easy for DBA and Dev-Operations staffs because it delivers trusted, certified, and enterprise-ready software that comes with all the benefits of commercial software (e.g. expert 24x7 support, certified software upgrades, etc.) at the price of open source software. It offers timesaving enterprise features needed for critical production environments like advanced security, automated maintenance operations, and more. And it provides operational simplicity and visual management ease, even for clusters with hundreds or a thousand nodes.
Central IT / CIO
Certified Cassandra in DSE provides trusted and certified production database software, which translates into maximum uptime, security, and performance for business systems. It gives Central IT Management the ability to fully meet the application uptime and performance requirements of web, mobile and IoT applications, while dramatic cost savings over high-priced legacy relational databases.