DataStax Enterprise Search

Real-time search at scale

DataStax Enterprise Search is a high performance real-time live indexing engine with powerful search capabilities tightly integrated into DataStax Enterprise (DSE). Because DSE Search is a core capability of the DataStax platform you don’t need to maintain or replicate data in third party systems. DSE Search allows you to quickly find data using complex, sub-string, fuzzy, and full-text search queries. DSE Search also provides full support for real-time aggregations, faceting, and filtering making it easy to locate data that is important to your users.

DataStax Enterprise Search is built from the ground up to support your mission critical, real-time and data-intensive applications. DSE Search incorporates enterprise grade features that are required to run your application securely and safely at scale such as continuous availability, linear scalability in excess of 1,000 nodes, intelligent query routing and comprehensive end-to-end encryption.

Powerful Search Capabilities

DataStax Enterprise Search includes powerful indexing and search capabilities. DSE Search makes it easy to index and perform complex real-time queries over large data sets. DSE Search includes support for all of the native data types of Apache Cassandra including user defined types and nested collections. DSE Search also adds indexing support for geospatial data and full text documents. You can easily analyse textual data using powerful lexical tools in multiple languages so that your users can find the data that is important to them. DSE Search also provides real-time filtering, faceting, and aggregation which makes it trivial to implement product catalogs, document repositories, and ad-hoc reporting engines.
“DataStax Enterprise powers our geospatial search and
delivers real time insights to our customers who rely on the
most recent data to support their market-level decisions.”
Clear Capital

Live indexing

The Live Indexing feature of DSE Search brings real-time search and high throughput indexing to large scale, data-intensive applications. Real-time indexing means you don’t have to wait; indexing happens in real-time and users can search data immediately after insertion. With this unique capability, you no longer have to manage consistency across separate solutions, replication delay, or visibility inconsistencies.

Built for Scale and Availability

DataStax Enterprise Search is the only commercial search solution capable of scaling to truly epic scale. DSE Search is tightly integrated into the DataStax Enterprise data management platform which uses an enterprise-certified version of Apache Cassandra to provide linear scale, continuous availability with zero downtime and native real-time multi-datacenter replication. DSE Search intelligently partitions your data across the cluster to avoid hot spots, evenly distribute load, and route queries to provide the responsiveness that your application requires.
“We are dealing with petabytes of data on a regular basis with
millions of transactions per second, so the scale of these systems is beyond
what you would expect out of a traditional application. DataStax empowered
us to fuse Cassandra and search together in a way that was meaningful
to what we’re trying to achieve. And with that in hand, we are now
able to solve really hard problems for our customers.”

Integrated with Analytics and Graph

Because DataStax Enterprise is a cohesive data management platform, other workloads such as DSE Graph and DSE Analytics can take full advantage of the indexing and query capabilities of DSE Search. The integration between features allows you to explore relationships between records and create hierarchies of documents using DSE Graph. Similarly, the cohesive nature of DSE allows you to write targeted queries from within analytics jobs so that reports complete in seconds, not hours. DataStax Enterprise lets you combine the best attributes of multiple technologies and access methods to deliver compelling functionality to your customers.

Comprehensive Security and Encryption

DataStax Enterprise Search incorporates comprehensive security technology to provide enterprise grade access management, auditing, and encryption. DSE Search provides full integration with multiple sources of authentication including Kerberos, LDAP and Microsoft Active Directory. DSE Search also encrypts data while both in transit and at rest. All data is transferred using secure SSL transport, and both user and index data is encrypted on disk and managed using the industry standard KMIP key management protocol.
“The fact that DataStax integrated these core elements with the scalability
and availability of Apache Cassandra, security capabilities and 24x7 support was
enormous – all for one-fifth the price that I would pay for a relational database.”

Common Query Language

DataStax Enterprise utilizes the Cassandra Query Language (CQL) as the common query language for both search and OLTP workloads. The CQL protocol is mature, robust and designed for distributed system communication. This protocol provides native support for automatic load balancing, server discovery, automatic failure recovery and failover and intelligent query routing.

Compatible with Apache Solr

DataStax Enterprise Search presents an HTTP interface compatible with Apache Solr. The Solr compatibility layer makes it easy to migrate existing and legacy applications to DataStax Enterprise. By migrating to DSE Search, legacy applications can immediately take advantage of the live indexing, continuous availability, scale and analytical, and enterprise-grade capabilities of DataStax Enterprise.

Enterprise Ready

DataStax Enterprise Search incorporates all of the enterprise-class functionality found in DSE. These benefits include advanced security protection, integrated analytics and visual management, monitoring and development tools.

As part of the DSE platform, DataStax Enterprise Search includes around-the-clock support from the distributed systems experts at DataStax, which delivers the confidence needed to run and maintain production systems at scale. Support also includes formal end-of-life policies, certified software updates, hot-fixes, and bug escalation privileges.
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