DataStax Enterprise Search

The ability to quickly search and find data is a key requirement of all cloud applications. While the need for search functionality may be common to all cloud applications, integrating search capabilities into systems built for continously available, high-speed Internet economy can be extremely difficult.

DataStax Enterprise is the database for cloud applications and supplies built-in enterprise search functionality on Cassandra data that scales and performs in a way that meets the search requirements of today's cloud applications.
DataStax Enterprise Max
DataStax Enterprise Standard
DataStax Enterprise Max delivers support for mixed workload applications that have transactional, analytic, search, and in-memory requirements.
Benefits of Enterprise Search
Enterprise Search Support
DSE Search contains everything needed for applications that require powerful search capabilities. Use cases supported by DSE Search include general web, full-text, faceted (categorization), hit prioritization and highlighting, log mining, rich document (PDF, MS Word, etc.) analysis, geospatial, and social media match ups.
Distributed Search
DSE Search is built for distributed web and mobile applications that need to easily search data contained in large data stores that may be spread across multiple locations.
Always-on Search
DSE Search is built on Cassandra’s architecture, which ensures constant uptime and availability for search operations.
Live Search
A unique “Live Indexing” feature of DSE Search makes new data instantly available for search operations, which is not the case with most other search systems.
Easy Set Up
Configuring a DSE cluster for search is push button simple using DataStax OpsCenter.
Online Elasticity
Additional search capacity can easily be added online to scale to whatever data or user demands an application has.
Multi-Data Center and Cloud Search
Search operations can be configured to easily run across multiple data centers and cloud availability zones.
Workload Management
DSE provides workload management out of the box so search tasks do not compete with transactional or analytic workloads for either data or compute resources.
Solr Compatible
DSE Search inherits all the power and capabilities of Solr and builds on top of it to create even more powerful enterprise search functionality. Anyone familiar with Solr can immediately begin to develop with DSE Search using the same Solr API’s.
Integration with CQL and Spark
Search/Solr syntax is integrated with the Cassandra Query Language (CQL) and SparkSQL, which enhances both CQL and Spark in a way that allows them to operate as powerful search languages. Solr syntax may be passed directly through a CQL or SparkSQL WHERE clause so that data can be searched for via CQL and SparkSQL in addition to the native Solr API’s.
Visual Monitoring
Search functionality and performance can be visually managed and monitored with DataStax OpsCenter.
Why Enterprise Search Matters
Operations /
Central IT /
DSE Search gives developers everything they need to create robust and fast search functionality into their distributed technology infrastructure. Because developers now have one platform for transactions, analytics, and search workloads, developing always on applications that scale, is simple. And, Solr compatibility enables those familiar with Solr to be immediately productive with DSE Search.
Operations / DBA
With DSE Search, there is no need to create and maintain separate databases for operational and search workloads, and no need to move data between systems. It simplifies management via one management solution for all workloads and search-enabled databases. And visual monitoring of search activity enables the quick pinpointing of search-related bottlenecks.
Central IT / CIO
DSE Search constant availability and fast response times ensure satisfied web and mobile customers. Easy and powerful search functionality is always available for worldwide applications. What’s more, having DSE Search integrated into one platform results in dramatic costs savings over traditional database solutions that have expensive search add-on components.