DataStax OpsCenter

DataStax OpsCenter is a web-based visual management and monitoring solution for Apache Cassandra and DataStax Enterprise. OpsCenter provides architects, DBAs, and operations staff with the capabilities necessary to intelligently and proactively ensure their databases are running well and simplifies administration tasks.*
DataStax Enterprise Max
DataStax Enterprise Standard
DataStax Enterprise Max delivers support for mixed workload applications that have transactional, analytic, search, and in-memory requirements.
Benefits of OpsCenter
At-a-Glance Cluster Management
OpsCenter supplies a centralized dashboard that allows at-a-glance management so you know exactly what requires your attention.
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Point-and-Click Provisioning and Administration
OpsCenter provides visual support for creating new clusters, adding or removing capacity from existing clusters, and doing much more no matter if databases are housed on premise or in the cloud.
Other key management and maintenance tasks OpsCenter handles include, maintaining a cluster’s data consistency (i.e. Cassandra repair) automatically; push-button rebalancing of cluster data; starting, stopping, de-commissioning, etc., one or many nodes at once; scripting all functionality found in OpsCenter at the command line via a REST API.
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Secured Administration
OpsCenter is a secured management and monitoring tool that supplies granular security mechanisms that control what your administrators and operations staff can and cannot do on database clusters.
Always On Management and Monitoring
Automatic failover is built into OpsCenter, which helps ensure that any scheduled tasks or monitoring activities continue even if a primary OpsCenter service fails.
Visual Monitoring and Tuning
Robust and customizable visual monitoring capabilities are included in OpsCenter that allow for easy problem detection and resolution. Both current and historical statistics can be visualized through OpsCenter’s dashboards, with historical trend analysis and pinpointing of bottlenecks being point-and-click simple to carry out.
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Best Practice Advice
OpsCenter provides visual support for DSE’s Best Practice Service, allowing you to easily uncover deviations in best practices that threaten the viability of your database clusters. Expert advice is also provided to fix found issues.
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Proactive Assistance
Proactive help is available in OpsCenter for troubleshooting problems and planning for future needs. Proactive alerts can be configured to notify you of issues before they threaten your cluster’s viability, which allows for headless monitoring of database systems. And forecasting future capacity needs (e.g. when will I need more disk space or RAM?) is carried out with a single mouse click.
Smart Data Protection
OpsCenter delivers full backup and disaster recovery protection for database clusters by providing visual support for DSE’s Backup Service. Benefits supplied in OpsCenter with the Backup Service include:
Backing up, scheduling and restoring one or hundreds of nodes can be visually handled.
Smart backup algorithms determine when full or just parts of a database need to be backed up.
Backups to on-premise servers or the cloud that includes compression and retention policies to save storage.
Point-in-time and object-level restores.
Visual monitoring and notifications of backup and restore tasks.
Resuming of partially completed backups or restores.
Cloning of database clusters (i.e. copying one cluster to another).
Why OpsCenter Matters
Operations /
Central IT /
OpsCenter simplifies and speeds the creation of development databases. Developers can quickly diagnoses database code bottlenecks and easily navigate databases and their objects.
Operations / DBA
DBAs and IT operations staff will find OpsCenter indispensible for their daily management and monitoring duties. Visual dashboards help admin staffs immediately spot issues and help prioritize where they spend their time and ensure all administration tasks are carried out right the first time. What’s more, it allows management-anywhere capabilities from any device (e.g. tablet and smartphone).
Central IT / CIO
OpsCenter is valued by CIO’s and IT leadership for increasing the productivity of DBA and operations staff, protecting corporate data from loss, and helping to ensure maximum uptime and performance of database systems that support key business applications.
Feature Comparison and Supported Platforms for OpsCenter
OpsCenter provides basic monitoring and management for open source Cassandra installations, but delivers advanced functionality for deployments of DataStax Enterprise.*
OpsCenter Feature Open Source Cassandra DataStax Enterprise
Custom Cassandra and server statistics
Events dashboard
View replication relationships
Proactive alerts
External notifications (e.g. email)
Analytics monitoring
Search monitoring
In-memory tables monitoring
Visual Performance Service
Cluster Management
Visual cluster provisioning/management for Cassandra
Perform utility functions on each node or in mass
Basic security (admin only)
Multi-cluster dashboard
Supports 1000 node cluster deployment
Visual cluster provisioning for analytics and search
Advanced security with role based access controls
Automated node/ring balancing of data
Visual backup service management
Visual restore management
Visual repair service management
Visual capacity planning w/ forecasting
Automated software update notifications
Automated support collection package
Visual best practice service with built-in expert advisors
Built-in Auto-Failover
Object Management
View Keyspaces
View Column Families
View Column Family data
Licensing Free Bundled with Subscription
Supported Platforms
Operating System Architecture OpsCenter 4.x to 5.2.x
CentOS 7 x86_64 OpsCenter 5.1.2 to 5.2.x
CentOS 6.0-6.5 x86_64 Full
CentOS 5.8 x86_64 Full
Debian 6.x x86_64 Full
OS X 10.6 x86_64 Dev only
OS X 10.5 x86_64 Dev only
Red Hat
Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6.4-6.5 x86_64 Full
Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5.6-5.8 x86_64 Full
SUSE Enterprise Linux 11.2 x86_64 Full
SUSE Enterprise Linux 11.4 x86_64 Full
Ubuntu 12.x x86_64 Full
Ubuntu 11.x x86_64 Full
Windows 2008 Server x86_64 Dev only
Windows 7 x86_64 Dev only
* DataStax OpsCenter product policies are expected to change. Please refer to this link for the latest product updates.