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Build intelligent and scalable applications

Developers are being asked to harness data to generate new revenue, provide
insight and create engaging customer experiences. The ability to deliver on these
expectations quickly is often the difference between marginalization and becoming
an industry leader. In order to bridge this gap you’ll need tools capable of helping
you create scalable, responsive and intelligent applications.

DataStax Studio and database drivers are built from the ground up to
enable teams to build intelligent, large-scale distributed, high-performance
applications while remaining familiar and easy to use.

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Drivers Built for Scale

With native support for C/C++, C#, Java, Node.js, ODBC, Python, PHP, and Ruby, the DataStax drivers make it easy to build large scale, continuously available, distributed applications. These drivers include the ability to automatically detect and dynamically scale with your database cluster whether you’re using 3 or 3,000 servers. Because the drivers are cluster aware, you can easily add, remove and tolerate failure without downtime or having to resort to expensive load balancers. And because the drivers are cluster aware, your application can flexibly span physical, cloud and hybrid environments without modification.

Batteries Included

The DataStax drivers offer both synchronous and asynchronous APIs as well as higher level constructs such as object mappers and query builders. Every driver is built upon core asynchronous I/O layer which automatically pipelines and parallelizes request processing so that you don’t have to worry about I/O or thread management. The drivers also include pluggable policies that provide automatic load balancing, retry, and reconnect so that your application performs reliably even in the face of catastrophic hardware failure.

DataStax Studio

The best of both worlds – build for CQL and Gremlin DataStax Studio is an interactive developer tool for DataStax Enterprise. Designed to help your DSE Core, Cassandra Query Language (CQL) and DSE Graph, Gremlin Query Language (Gremlin) development.

Studio provides an intuitive interface for developers and analysts to collaborate by mixing code, documentation, query results and visualizations into self-documenting notebooks.

Visually Interact with Database Schemas

Navigating and managing complex database schemas can be difficult. To help you save time, Studio also allows you interact with multiple DataStax Enterprise clusters.

No matter what DSE data model you’re working with, graphs or keyspace, Studio provides you with visual representations of your schema objects; helping you understand your data models and build quicker. The whiteboard-like view of the graph schema will help you visualize the graph organization and connections letting you identify design or model bottlenecks and implement optimizations. The tree-like view of the keyspaces will allow you to quickly navigate and understand the structure of your models.

Query and Explore Data with Ease

DataStax Studio features the most intelligent editor on the market that simplifies creating complex CQL and Gremlin queries. Studio’s powerful code editor provides context-aware suggestions and validation which makes it easy to write queries without constantly referring to documentation or schemas.

Tune Queries for Faster Performance

Studio features query profiling for both CQL and Gremlin providing diagnostic information and details of the execution plans that let you understand bottlenecks and tune queries for fast performance.

Graph and Data Visualization

The rich set of data visualizations and numerous output formats enable you to surface insights from data and present them in publication quality interactive graphics.
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