DataStax Enterprise

DataStax Enterprise

Enterprise-class NoSQL platform for data-driven, real-time online applications

Get continuous availability, fast performance, strong security, and operational simplicity for your online database applications

DataStax Enterprise (DSE), built on Apache Cassandra™, delivers what modern businesses need to compete in today’s high-speed, always-on data economy. With in-memory computing capabilities, enterprise-level security, fast and powerful built-in analytics and enterprise search, visual management, and expert support, DataStax Enterprise is the best database choice for online applications that require fast performance with no downtime.

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DataStax Enterprise Product Capabilities

Optimize and Simplify Database Performance

Choose data performance levels based on the needs of your application. DataStax Enterprise allows administrators to target data for traditional spinning disks, SSD’s, or in-memory computing, all in the same database cluster. Everything is transparent to the application, making performance optimization easy.

Arm Developers with the Goodness of Certified Cassandra

Get a certified version of Apache Cassandra, ready for heavy-duty production environments. DataStax Enterprise goes through a rigorous test process at a massive scale with highly-skilled test engineers. DataStax’s certification process delivers the highest possible software quality needed for critical online systems.

Protect Critical Data

Keep data safe with the most comprehensive security feature set of any NoSQL database. Security runs through the entire platform to protect against unauthorized access and to guard sensitive data. DataStax’s visual backup and restore processes makes retrieving lost data easy.

Search and Analyze Online Data

Solve the mixed workload problem that businesses face. DataStax Enterprise is the only solution to provide built-in analytics and enterprise search on online data. Search and analyze Cassandra data in a way that search and analytics workloads never compete with transactional workloads for either compute or data resources.

Manage Enterprise Data, with Ease

Visually monitor, manage, and fine-tune your environment to get the most of your online data. DataStax OpsCenter, included with DataStax Enterprise, includes point-and-click management and monitoring capabilities that make managing even the largest clusters easy.

Key features

  • Production-certified Apache Cassandra for today’s intense, always-on production environments
  • Enterprise search and integrated analytics on Cassandra data
  • Workload management for transactional, analytical, and search operations
  • Comprehensive enterprise security features
  • In-memory computing option
  • Automatic management services to transparently handle administration and performance functions
  • Advanced visual management for key administration and performance monitoring functions with DataStax OpsCenter
  • Software maintenance, support and performance reviews with recommendations for improvements

“We were VERY surprised and pleased at the scalability, performance and operational simplicity of DataStax Enterprise. This has become one of our highest available systems with the lowest cost of ownership.”

Sr. IT Manager,
Global 500 Retail Company

DataStax Enterprise Migration Assessment Program

  • Are you interested in migrating to DataStax Enterprise to take advantage of 24×7 Technical Support and all of the latest features & functions that DataStax Enterprise provides?
  • Do you need help to assess the effort required?
  • Do you need help to outline a work plan?
  • Do you need help to outline potential risks associated with a migration?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then DataStax’s free Migration Assessment Program will be of interest to you. The DataStax Enterprise Migration Assessment Program is designed to move you to a fully supported version of DataStax software with the latest features and functions available for your use. DataStax Enterprise Migration assessments are provided free of charge to ensure that you receive the maximum benefit from your DataStax subscription. Learn more

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