DataStax Enterprise for Startups

“Ultimately, the DataStax Startup Program has enabled us to worry about our business and not about our data infrastructure. A total godsend for our company. We’ve also had a chance to meet other people in the Cassandra community and attend the Cassandra summit, which has helped reinforce my confidence in Cassandra as THE platform for our company.”

Aaron Stannard,

DataStax wants to help today’s startups be successful tomorrow. We remember what it was like in the early days – and how hard it can be – and we want to give back to the startup community. The DataStax Startup Program is designed to help qualified companies with a variety of benefits:

  • Unlimited, free use of the software in DataStax Enterprise. No limit on number of nodes or other hidden restrictions. If you’re a startup, it’s free. A description of this software can be found here.
  • Perks with a wide variety of partners, such as hosting providers and service partners.
  • Discounts on training and other community events (Cassandra Summit).

The requirements are simple: less than $2M in annual revenue and less than $20M in capital raised. To get started, fill out the form below and we’ll get you set up quickly.

For more information on the DataStax Startup Program, please see the FAQ here.