DataStax OpsCenter

Simplified management for DataStax Enterprise and Cassandra database clusters

Manage and control even the most complex workloads from an easy-to-use, visual interface

DataStax OpsCenter makes it easy to manage Cassandra and DataStax Enterprise clusters by giving administrators, architects and developers an at-a-glance view of the system from a centralized dashboard. OpsCenter installs seamlessly and gives system operators the flexibility to monitor and manage even the most complex workloads with ease from any web browser.

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DataStax OpsCenter Product Capabilities

Apache Cassandra DataStax Opscenter Dashboard

Enterprise grade data protection

Protect your business’s most valuable asset, data. OpsCenter’s backup service delivers robust data protection and gives you peace of mind if data loss should ever occur.

Built-in Auto-Failover

Continuously monitor and manage critical data without any interruption. OpsCenter includes a built-in auto failover option, which is completely transparent to the end user and helps organizations meet high availability requirements.

Manage Complex Workloads – from Anywhere

Streamline the administration of real-time, analytic and search workloads across your data management ecosystem. With just a few clicks, you can monitor and manage nodes running real-time Apache Cassandra transactions, batch analytics and enterprise search. OpsCenter supports multiple data centers so operations staff can diagnose and monitor their systems on premise, across multiple data centers or in the cloud.

Automated Management and Diagnostics at Your Fingertips

Monitor the performance of all nodes in a cluster over time and generate diagnostic reports at the push of a button. OpsCenter allows you to ascertain instantly the health and efficiency of any managed cluster and perform capacity planning with historical trend analysis and forecasting. Automatic management services including transparent repair operations enable IT departments to easily maintain a cluster’s data distribution and ensure each node is up to date.

OpsCenter AutomatedManagement and Diagnostics

Create Custom Performance Views

Give operators the power to create customized performance views on a wide variety of database performance and operating system metrics. With OpsCenter, you can point-and-click to create graphical displays of performance metrics in real-time and drill down into each cluster for further detail. OpsCenter automatically captures and stores metrics for historical trend analysis over time.

Rebalance and Repair Clusters in a Snap

Rebalance clusters automatically and in seconds. Adding new nodes to a Cassandra or DataStax Enterprise cluster often requires data to be rebalanced across the cluster, a sometimes difficult and time-consuming manual task. With OpsCenter, simply pull up the cluster you want to rebalance click on the ‘Rebalance Cluster’ button; OpsCenter does the rest.

View Many Operations at Once with a Centralized Dashboard

Empower your administrator to view operations on single nodes and perform bulk operations across many nodes at once. OpsCenter enables administrators to view a distributed data center from a centralized dashboard with the ability to drill-through into details. Comprehensive management and configuration tools lets admins manage maintenance activities and perform tasks such as backups and restores, using a visual interface.

Rest Easy with Proactive Alerts and Notifications

Know of problems before they occur with proactive alerts. Alerts based on performance thresholds within OpsCenter notify administrators about situations needing immediate attention without a web browser. Additionally, alerts based on user-defined statistical thresholds appear on the global dashboard when the threshold is violated.

Certified to Support 1000-node Clusters

A single installation of OpsCenter supports up to 1000-node Cassandra/DataStax Enterprise cluster deployments.

Built-in Security with Granular Control

Create users and assign roles to each user for managing database clusters, all from the same interface. User roles can be configured to perform only certain operations or several. Granular security controls empowers admins to flexibly assign roles with limited access to internal users.

Best Practice Enforcement with Expert Advice

OpsCenter’s best practice service comes bundled with a set of expert rules to ensure proper cluster setup and optimization. Scheduled scans of clusters ensure adherence to best practices with notifications and expert corrective advice being supplied in the user interface or via text/email alerts.

Key Features

  • Visually create new clusters with a few mouse clicks either on premise or in the cloud
  • Add, edit, and remove nodes
  • Automatically rebalance a cluster
  • Control automatic management services including transparent repair
  • Manage and schedule backup and restore operations
  • Perform capacity planning with historical trend analysis and forecasting capabilities
  • Proactively manage all clusters with threshold and timing-based alerts
  • Generate reports and diagnostic reports with the push of a button
  • Integrate with other enterprise tools via developer API