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Upcoming Webinars

April 28th
Partner Webinar  |  DataStax on Azure: Deploying an industry-leading data platform for cloud apps to bring actionable insights at effortless scale

Join this webinar to learn how DataStax Enterprise (DSE) on Azure delivers experiences to cloud applications beyond customer expectations. Powered by the industry’s best version of Apache Cassandra™ and leveraging the global scale, hybrid deployment capabilities, and ease of integration of Azure, DSE is the always-on data platform that allows you to focus on what matters most to you by ensuring your applications scale reliably and effortlessly while delivering actionable insight in real-time.

May 4th
Partner Webinar  |  Getting Your Graph Project Funded

Is your team still figuring out how to model your data for optimal query performance? Are you showing your business stakeholders technical concepts and code, but they just aren't getting it? In this webinar, Expero and DataStax will show you how to quantify the benefits of a graph project as well as the potential use for graph technology. You'll learn how to create a compelling business case ROI calculation with a proven outline on how to effectively present this information to your company stakeholders.

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Archived Webinars

Partner Webinar  |  Mesosphere and DSE: Production-Proven Infrastructure for Fast Data

Mesosphere DC/OS is the only production-proven platform that runs both containers and data services on the same infrastructure. Mesosphere DC/OS deploys and scales DataStax Enterprise, while running it on the same shared infrastructure as your containers and other big data services such as Kafka and Spark. Mesosphere DC/OS is the only production-proven platform that elastically powers containers and data services. Based on Apache Mesos, DC/OS is trusted by Verizon, Autodesk, Charter, Esri and many other Fortune 1000 companies. In this webinar, experts from DataStax and Mesosphere provide an overview of requirements for fast data applications, and explore the use cases for running DataStax Enterprise on the Mesosphere DC/OS platform

Webinar  |  Become PSD2 ready with DataStax

Join us for an on-demand webinar regarding the updated Payment Services Directive (PSD2) and how it will affect financial institutions when introduced in September 2018. This webinar outlines the challenges facing financial institutions and how API connectivity can help them to not only survive but thrive in an increasingly competitive future.

Webinar  |  GDPR compliance requirements for Cloud-based applications with DataStax and IT Governance

IT Governance and Datastax have joined forces to deliver this session, which is designed to equip professionals involved in GDPR compliance with a comprehensive understanding of the Regulation’s requirements for Cloud-based applications. The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) will apply from 25 May 2018 to all organisations that process European residents’ personal data. Under the GDPR, businesses that fail to comply with the Regulation and suffer a data breach could face fines of up to €20 million or 4% of global revenues – whichever is greater.

Webinar  |  Why You Need A Graph Database to Understand Your Customers

Companies across a variety of industries are trying to attain a holistic view of their customers. From creating a more personalized experience, to creating more timely and relevant support, to simply marketing to them more efficiently and effectively, there are tremendous gains to be had with a 360-degree view. However, achieving this 360-degree view requires serious data — or more accurately, serious crunching and analyzing of data to understand customer relationships across every touchpoint and multiple business units. Sound challenging? It was. Until graph databases.

Partner Webinar  |  Bringing Game-Changing Insights with Graph Databases

For many important problems, such as fraud detection, search, personalization, recommendation, and user authorization, data generated by graph databases are often easier and more efficient than other alternatives. Join our partner, Expero, to learn how applying user-centered strategies and leveraging the latest UI tools to your graph database can bring game-changing insights, finding critical concepts, clusters and relationships out of once-disconnected data.

Webinar  |  Fighting Fraud with Graph Databases

Modern fraud detection has significant engineering challenges. From managing the ingestion and scale, to the analysis of those patterns in real-time. We'll first take a look at how DataStax Enterprise Graph, powered by the industry’s best version of Apache Cassandra™, can meet those requirements to help you save the day.

Webinar  |  Transforming Customer Experience Through an Always-On Data Platform

According to Forrester Research, leaders in customer experience drive 5.1X revenue growth over laggards. And although 84% of companies aspire to be a leader in this space, only 1 in 5 successfully delivers good or great customer experience. Join us for our next webinar where Mike Gualtieri, VP and Principal Analyst at Forrester Research and Rajay Rai, Head of Digital Engineering at Macquarie Bank will share how Customer Experience can drive business results such as faster revenue growth, longer customer retention, greater employee engagement and improved profit margins.

Webinar  |  Bloor Research & DataStax: How graph databases solve previously unsolvable business and technology challenges

Philip Howard, industry analyst and database technology expert from Bloor Research International will present recent market research results and discuss the best and latest solutions as well as provide advice for identifying the right match for specific use cases. DataStax will also share case studies where DSE Graph technology is being applied to transform the customer experience in industry sectors such as Financial Services, Retail, Telecommunications, Logistics, Media and Entertainment. Attend this webinar to find out more about graph database technology, all the choices on the market today and how you can transform your own technical solutions and customer experience.

Webinar  |  An inside look: Walmart unlocks the secret to delivering a winning digital customer experience

Enterprises around the world are prioritizing customer experience as a corporate initiative essential to their ability to compete. Nowhere is this more evident than in the cutthroat world of retail. Learn how Walmart serves nearly 260 million customers each week via their eCommerce websites and apps and 11,504 stores in 28 countries. With revenue of $486 billion in 2015, Walmart is transforming their strategy to deliver the next generation of customer experience.

Webinar  |  Macy’s: Why Your Database Decision Directly Impacts Customer Experience

According to a recent Harvard Business Review study, there’s only a 43% chance that customers who have a poor experience will stick with you for the next 12 months. Contrast that to the 74% that will remain your customer if they have a great experience. Learn how Macy’s, a leading American department store chain founded in 1858 with over 750 stores in North America, is transforming their customer experience with DataStax Enterprise.

Webinar  |  The Performance Challenge: Providing an Amazing Customer Experience No Matter What

Building and managing cloud applications is not easy. Delivering one with an amazing customer experience is even harder. Join us for “The Performance Challenge: Providing an Amazing Customer Experience No Matter What” webinar where we will deep dive into the challenges customers face with providing a consistent experience no matter where customers are, providing real-time access to data and how DataStax Enterprise can help.

Webinar  |  The Agility Challenge: Powering Cloud Applications with Multi-Model & Mixed Workloads

Building and managing cloud applications is not easy. Teams come face to face with these challenges: agility, manageability, performance, scalability, continuous availability and of course, security. Join us for “The Agility Challenge: Designing with Multi-Model & Mixed Workload in Mind” webinar where we will deep dive into challenges customers face with multiple data models including graph, mixed workloads and how DataStax Enterprise can help.

Webinar  |  Proofpoint, a pioneer in security-as-a-service protects people, information and brands with DataStax

Proofpoint is a visionary leader in social media, email and mobile security and compliance. Their technology consumes and correlates billions of events every day across all of these communication channels to detect bad actors in real-time and deliver deep threat protection and intelligence. Proofpoint uses DataStax Enterprise (DSE) as a key piece of their platform to deliver industry leading security and compliance solutions. In this webinar, VP of Engineering at Proofpoint, Rich Sutton will share the use cases they’ve deployed on DataStax Enterprise, highlight the problems solved and outcomes achieved and share their journey into the world of NoSQL.

Webinar  |  DataStax Enterprise 5.0: What’s New and How It’ll Make Your Life Easier

Want help building applications with real-time value at epic scale? How about solving your database performance and availability issues? Then, you want to hear more about DataStax Enterprise 5.0. Join this webinar to learn what’s new in DSE 5.0 ‒ the largest software release to date at DataStax. DSE 5.0 introduces multi-model support including Graph and JSON data models along with a ton of new and enhanced enterprise database capabilities.

Webinar  |  Top 5 Reasons Why DataStax Enterprise Is Game Changing For Architects

Are you building or managing applications that require real-time value at epic scale? Are you struggling with performance and availability issues with your current database architecture? Every day, DataStax Enterprise helps customers achieve the scale, performance, and uptime required by their cloud applications, such as running highly personalized searches for 65 million+ monthly active users, delivering 100% uptime even during AWS outages and more. Join Robin Schumacher, VP of Products at DataStax in this informative session to learn more about the powerful new capabilities that are coming to the DataStax Enterprise (DSE) platform including multi-model support for Graph and JSON data models, as well as a laundry list of other valuable enterprise database features.

Gartner Webinar  |  DataStax and Gartner - Building Applications that Understand Data in Real Time and Engage the World at Scale

How do you take advantage of real-time and historical data without creating massive operational overhead and data silos? How do you ensure your application remains online all the time and can meet the epic scale requirements posed by the cloud? In this program, we will answer these questions and shed light on key industry trends such as in-memory computing, the cloud, distributed data management and real-time analytics.

Webinar  |  Dyn + DataStax: Helping Companies Deliver Exceptional End-User Experience

Dyn delivers exceptional Internet Performance. Enabling high quality services requires data centers around the globe. In order to manage services, customers need timely insight collected from all over the world. Dyn uses DataStax Enterprise (DSE) to deploy complex clusters across multiple datacenters to enable sub 50 ms query responses for hundreds of billions of data points. From granular DNS traffic data, to aggregated counts for a variety of report dimensions, DSE at Dyn has been up since 2013 and has shined through upgrades, data center migrations, DDoS attacks and hardware failures. In this webinar, Principal Engineers Tim Chadwick and Rick Bross will cover the requirements which led them to choose DSE as their go-to Big Data solution, the path which led to SPARK, and the lessons that we’ve learned in the process.

Webinar  |  How to Achieve High Throughput for Real-Time Applications with SMACK, Apache Kafka and Spark Streaming

Join DataStax for a webinar to learn how to achieve high throughput processing for real-time applications using SMACK, Apache Kafka and Spark Streaming. Customers today expect immediate response times with their daily interactions - whether it’s conducting a search for a product, using a service, placing an order, or asking a question - it doesn’t matter. Making your customers wait results in lost sales and increased churn. Developing a real-time application that can provide the instantaneous response times that your customers expect is critical for a competitive advantage.

Webinar  |  Bitcoins and Blockchains - Emerging Financial Services Trends and Technologies

In this webinar, Vincent de Lagabbe, co-founder and CTO at Kaiko, will discuss the emerging trends and technologies within the financial services industry. Vincent will explain the Bitcoin ecosystem, which is comprised of Blockchain Data, Miners (their importance and motivations), Exchanges, and Bitcoin Wallets. Vincent will also explain how Kaiko analyzes the Bitcoin ecosystem to help businesses make sense of the data, and how they leverage DSE to successfully deliver those services.

Webinar  |  Reporting from the Trenches - How Intuit Uses Cassandra Effectively to Improve Customer Experiences

In this webinar, Rekha Joshi, Staff Software Engineer at Intuit, will share how Intuit leverages Apache Cassandra™ as their backbone database technology to improve customer experiences through a Personalized A/B Testing platform. The platform is used to continuously improve customer experiences across product units at the company and works at scale, with low latency and high throughput.

Webinar  |  How jKool Analyzes Streaming Data in Real Time with DataStax

In this webinar, Charles Rich, VP of Product Management at jKool will share their journey with DataStax; how jKool knew from the start that traditional relational databases wouldn’t work for the scalability and availability demands of time-series data, and why they turned to DataStax Enterprise for blazing performance and powerful enterprise search and analytics capabilities.  

Webinar  |  ProtectWise Revolutionizes Enterprise Network Security in the Cloud with DataStax Platform

In this webinar, Gene Stevens, Co-Founder and CTO at ProtectWise will discuss how they rely on DataStax Enterprise to provide an always-on, highly scalable, and secure platform to build their network security technology delivered 100% from the cloud. He will dive into how ProtectWise deals with multi-petabytes of streaming data with extremely fast write speeds without latency, data loss or downtime, why relational database technologies do not meet the stringent requirements that their cloud-based enterprise network security service demands and how DataStax Enterprise provides analytics and search capabilities for near real-time streaming and time-series data.

Webinar  |  Big Data Analytics with Cassandra and Spark

Apache Cassandra is the leading distributed database in use at thousands of sites with the world’s most demanding scalability and availability requirements. Apache Spark is a distributed data analytics computing framework that has gained a lot of traction in processing large amounts of data in an efficient and user-friendly manner. The joining of both provides a powerful combination of real-time data collection with analytics. After a brief overview of Cassandra and Spark, this class will dive into various aspects of the integration.

Webinar  |  SpringCM Transforms Document Management at Scale with Distributed Database Solution with DataStax and HP Moonshot

SpringCM will discuss how they achieve massive scalability and blazing performance with DataStax Enterprise and HP Moonshot Solutions; to transform enterprise document management forever. They will dive into: how they broke through their capacity to run millions of workloads per hour, why relational database technologies simply cannot handle the scalability demands of document management SaaS, and how they deliver up to 70% more energy savings than traditional rack server architecture.

Webinar  |  Oracle to Cassandra Core Concepts Guide Pt. 3

Tired of timeouts? Cursing your cursors? Join the distributed revolution and bring your dev team into application nirvana. You won’t believe how easy it is to be code complete on your next big project. We will show you how to lead your devs away from the clutches of the DBA and be in control of their own data destiny. DIscover the methodology that will make your Cassandra project epic.

Webinar  |  Oracle to Cassandra Core Concepts Guide Pt. 2

Third normal form? That’s so 20th century. Learn the newest techniques to make your Cassandra database sing from the rafters in performance and scalability. AND it uses concepts that you already know and apply every day. You can do this. This is the must-see half hour of your professional life! These developers found a new way to work with databases. First you will be shocked, then you will be inspired!

Webinar  |  Oracle to Cassandra Core Concepts Guide Pt. 1

Oracle is a database. So is Cassandra. And that’s about it as far as how they are similar. How they are different though… well, that’s when things get good. Have you tried to scale your Oracle database to handle 1M simultaneous users (without ruining your mental health and close personal relationships)? How about creating 100% uptime with active-active datacenters? You don’t even want to think about it, do you? Spend some time with us to learn how Cassandra can make you into the database rockstar you know you are.

Webinar  |  Aeris + Cassandra: An IOT Solution Helping Automakers Make the Connected Car a Reality

Aeris Communications is an Internet-of-Things (IOT) pioneer, ushering in a new generation of connected vehicles designed to improve the driver experience and safety. Join this webinar to learn why Aeris selected Apache Cassandra™ over relational technologies for their IOT application and how Cassandra helps their customers like Hyundai, Chrysler and Honda improve operational efficiency, reduce costs, and enable new revenue streams through the reality of the connected car.

Webinar  |  Leveraging Docker and CoreOS to provide always available Cassandra at Instaclustr

With a growing customer base and Cassandra clusters running on-top of a number of the world’s largest cloud and bare-metal hosting providers, Instaclustr is at the forefront of always-on Cassandra hosting. Instaclustr leverages the power of Docker, a modern containerization solution for Linux, and CoreOS, a lightweight Linux distribution tailored to running software inside containers, to build a stable and adaptable Cassandra hosting platform.

Webinar  |  Creating the Perfect Development Environment with Cassandra

Being able to rapidly iterate on, build, and test your code is key to being a productive developer. Without local automation, working with the numerous platforms and technologies in your stack can become very frustrating. In this webinar, Ben Bromhead CTO of Instaclustr will explore best practices to easily integrate Apache CassandraTM into your development workflow, so you spend more time writing good code and less time fighting your environment.

Webinar  |  Understanding DSE Search

Petabyte search at scale: understand how DataStax Enterprise search enables complex real-time multi-dimensional queries on massive datasets. This talk will cover when and why to use DSE search, best practices, data modeling and performance tuning/optimization. Also covered will be a deep dive into how DSE Search operates, and the fundamentals of bitmap indexing.

Webinar  |  DataStax Announces DSE 4.7, the Complete Distributed Database Platform with Integrated Search, Analytics and In-Memory, Purpose-Built For Mixed Workloads

DataStax recently announced the general availability of DataStax Enterprise 4.7 (DSE 4.7), the leading database platform purpose-built for the performance and availability demands of web, mobile, and IOT applications. In this product launch webinar, Robin Schumacher, VP of Products, explores the wide range of enhancements in DSE 4.7 including enterprise class search, analytics, and in-memory.

Webinar  |  DataStax Ruby Driver Explained

To meet the demands of today's modern Web, Mobile, and IOT applications built on Apache Cassandra, DataStax makes it a priority to deliver drivers for today's most common and cutting edge languages. Join this webinar to learn about the inner-workings of the DataStax Ruby Driver for Apache Cassandra.

Webinar  |  Microservices with Node.js and Cassandra

Stop writing monolithic web applications that are complex and inflexible! It’s time to break everything apart into independently deployable services that make it easier to scale and pivot in the face of rapidly changing requirements. Learn why Apache Cassandra and Node.js are great choices to build fault-tolerant systems.

Webinar  |  Get On-Demand Education Anytime, Anywhere with Coursera and DataStax

Today’s geographically distributed and digitally empowered students look for tailored, on-demand educational experiences causing traditional in-classroom methods of learning to be quickly replaced with personalized online solutions. Coursera, a provider of the world’s best education for renowned universities such as Stanford, Princeton and the University of Edinburgh, built their e-learning platform on DataStax Enterprise to deliver always-on courses that can be taken at any time, on any device, anywhere in the world.

Webinar  |  Avoiding Anti-Patterns: How to Stay in Love with Cassandra

Misusing your distributed database technology can have a lasting impact on the enterprise applications that you build on top of them. It's important to understand the inherent characteristics and qualities of your database management system in order to maximize its capabilities. Join this webinar to learn about the most common misuses of Apache Cassandra and why you should avoid them.

Webinar  |  Cassandra and TitanDB: Insights into DataStax’s Graph Strategy

Graph analysis is possibly the single most effective competitive differentiator for organizations pursuing data-driven operations as it allows users to describe dynamic and complex domains more naturally and efficiently than is possible in a relational database management system.
Join Robin Schumacher, VP of Products at DataStax and Dr. Matthias Broecheler, Director of Engineering at DataStax (former lead developer for Titan) in an online webinar as they discuss DataStax’s recent acquisition of Aurelius, the innovators behind the open source graph database Titan, what the product strategy is for implementing graph into DataStax Enterprise and what you can do as you prepare for your Titan implementation.

Webinar  |  Getting Started with DataStax Enterprise

The requirements for building today’s online applications have changed. Implementing legacy technology hinders your ability to innovate, ensure application performance, and meet the demands of your customers. So how do you determine what underlying systems are the right fit for your needs? Join us as we help you get started with DataStax Enterprise.

Webinar  |  Migration Best Practices: From RDBMS to Cassandra without a Hitch

Libon is a messaging service designed to improve mobile communications through free calls, chat and a voicemail services regardless of operator or Internet access provider. As a mobile communications application, Libon processes billions of messages and calls while backing up billions of contact data. Join this webinar to learn best practices and pitfalls to avoid when tackling a migration project from Relational Database (RDBMS) to Cassandra and how Libon is now able to ingest massive volumes of high velocity data with read and write latency below 10 milliseconds.

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Webinar  |  Streaming Big Data Analytics with Team Apache: Spark & Spark Streaming, Apache Kafka, Apache Cassandra

In this talk we introduce Spark and Cassandra, discuss a few common use cases and show wh​​​​y they are such a great fit for lambda architecture. Then dive right into how to easily integrate Spark, Spark Streaming, Kafka and Cassandra in a Scala and Akka application for real-time delivery of meaning at high velocity, in highly distributed and concurrent environments.

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Webinar  |  Diagnosing Apache Cassandra Problems in Production

This sessions covers diagnosing and solving common problems encountered in production, using performance profiling tools. We’ll also give a crash course to basic JVM garbage collection tuning. Attendees will leave with a better understanding of what they should look for when they encounter problems with their in-production Cassandra cluster.

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Webinar  |  How Clear Capital Delivers Always-On Appraisals on 122 Million Properties with DataStax

Join David Prinzing, Enterprise Architect at Clear Capital to discover why Clear Capital, a premium provider of real estate asset valuation and collateral risk assessment, chose DataStax as the database-backbone for their ClearCollateral Platform. David will discuss how DataStax Enterprise, the world’s fastest, most scalable distributed database technology built on Apache Cassandra ensures 100% uptime for over 122 million properties (90% of all the properties in the United States) and supports reporting on over 1 Billion total valuations while never going down.

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Webinar  |  Things You Should Be Doing When Using Cassandra Drivers

Did you know there are some things you should doing when writing your data driven application using Apache Cassandra? Let’s talk about that. There are features in almost every driver that will keep your application online and running fast. You should know what they are. Even if you know these features, I’m going to tell why they work and why they’re a good idea. This will not be language specific; I will be using multiple languages and drivers. This talk should appeal to programmers in general.

Webinar  |  Real-time Analytics for Healthcare: How Amara Turned Big Data into Big Answers

Join Christopher Rosin, Ph.D., Chief Scientist at Amara Health Analytics, as he shares his knowledge about implementing a real-time predictive analytics platform to support clinicians in the early detection of critical disease states. Based on years of research and hands-on experience, Chris provides practical steps for guiding DataStax Enterprise initiatives from evaluation to successful implementation.

Video  |  Slides

Webinar  |  The New Analytics Toolbox

The state of analytics has changed dramatically over the last few years. Hadoop is now commonplace, and the ecosystem has evolved to include new tools such as Spark, Shark, and Drill, that live alongside the old MapReduce-based standards. It can be difficult to keep up with the pace of change, and newcomers are left with a dizzying variety of seemingly similar choices. This is compounded by the number of possible deployment permutations, which can cause all but the most determined to simply stick with the tried and true. But there are serious advantages to many of the new tools, and this presentation will give an analysis of the current state--including pros and cons as well as what's needed to bootstrap and operate the various options.

Video  |  Slides

Webinar  |  Buckle Up: The Future of the Distributed Database is Here

We recently launched DataStax Enterprise 4.5 - the fastest, most scalable distributed database technology with blazing performance, 100x faster analytics and automated diagnostics. Join DataStax’s product gurus Martin Van Ryswyk, EVP of Engineering, and Robin Schumacher, VP of Products, in an open dialog as they discuss the importance of selecting the right database technology for today’s digital world, integrated analytics for lightning fast customer interactions and merging operational and historical data for the most accurate insights, possible.

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Webinar  |  Getting Started with DataStax Enterprise

The requirements for building today’s online applications have changed. Implementing legacy technology hinders your ability to innovate, ensure application performance, and meet the demands of your customers. So how do you determine what underlying systems are the right fit for your needs? Join us as we help you get started with DataStax Enterprise.

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Webinar  |  Getting Started with Fraud Detection and Cassandra is the leading classifieds website in Norway and the country's busiest website. At fraud is a real, ongoing, constantly changing problem that continuously requires a lot of resources. Plus, fraud is an area of development that's not frequently discussed. Mick will go through various challenges, ideas, and thoughts about where and why Cassandra is the best choice when working with machine learning.

Video  |  Slides

Webinar  |  Getting Started with Apache Cassandra

Would you like to learn how to use Cassandra but don’t know where to begin? Want to get your feet wet but you’re lost in the desert? Longing for a cluster when you don’t even know how to set up a node? Then look no further! Rebecca Mills, Junior Evangelist at Datastax, will guide you in the webinar “Getting Started with Apache Cassandra...”

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Webinar  |  How an Internet-of-Things Solution Helps Save the Planet and Millions of Dollars

The explosive growth in the Internet-of-Things (IoT) era enables some of the world’s biggest firms to conserve energy and other resources, which helps to save the planet and millions of dollars. Using IoT well leads to innovative business models, new revenue opportunities and enhanced customer experiences. The sky is the limit, but getting there with legacy relational infrastructure is no easy task. Learn how RiptideIO’s Brightworks platform, powered by Apache Cassandra™, brings the advantages of a modern software architecture to the connected world and makes the Internet-of-Things a reality at some of the world’s top firms.

Community Webinar  |  Aaron and Patrick on Designing a Cassandra Solution

Aaron Morton (Principle Consultant and The Last Pickle) and Patrick McFadin (Chief Evangelist for Apache Cassandra at DataStax) will collaborate together, and with the audience, to design a Cassandra system. The task is to design a Photo Sharing site that stores meta data and images in Cassandra using a globally distributed, multi data center cluster. Aaron and Patrick will cover issues such as data modelling, consistency tradeoffs, deployment, availability, testing and operations.

Webinar  |  DataStax Training - Everything you need to become a Cassandra Rockstar

Looking to strengthen your expertise of Cassandra and DataStax Enterprise? This DataStax Training Webinar will arm you with the knowledge and hands-on skills to get the most out of your DataStax Enterprise environment. If you’ve already taken a DataStax training, consider this a free refresher. Considering training? Then this is a solid intro for developers and admins on your team.

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Community Webinar  |  Bulk Loading Data into Cassandra

Whether running load tests or migrating historic data, loading data directly into Cassandra can be very useful to bypass the system’s write path. In this webinar, we will look at how data is stored on disk in sstables, how to generate these structures directly, and how to load this data rapidly into your cluster using sstableloader. We'll also review different use cases for when you should and shouldn't use this method.

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Community Webinar  |  Large Nodes with Cassandra

Starting with Version 1.2 Cassandra has made it easier to store more data on a single node. With off heap data structures, virtual nodes, and improved JBOD support we can now run nodes with several Terabytes of data. In this talk Aaron Morton, Co-Founder and Principal Consultant at The Last Pickle, will walk through running fat nodes in a Cassandra cluster. He’ll review the features that support it and discuss the trade offs that come from storing 1TB+ per node.

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Webinar  |  Don't Get Caught in a PCI Pickle: Meet Compliance and Protect Payment Card Data with DataStax and Gazzang

Data security is an absolute requirement for any organization – large or small – that handles debit, credit and pre-paid cards. But navigating, understanding and complying with PCI-DSS (Payment Card Industry - Data Security Standards) regulations can be tough. In this webinar, we'll examine the guidelines for securing payment card data and show you how a combined solution from DataStax and Gazzang can put you on course for compliance.

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Community Webinar  |  15 Commandments for Cassandra DBAs

Are you a database professional looking for that next career boost? Maybe you are already use Cassandra and would like an edge in your job. Rachel and Patrick have been doing this for a long time and they can help! We’ll be going over some hard, fast rules that will save you time and trouble. Let our experience be your insider information. As a preview, here is commandment 0: Thou shalt watch!

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Community Webinar  |  Back to Basics with CQL3

Cassandra is a distributed, massively scalable, fault tolerant, columnar data store, and if you need the ability to make fast writes, the only thing faster than Cassandra is /dev/null! In this fast-paced presentation, we'll briefly describe big data, and the area of big data that Cassandra is designed to fill. We will cover Cassandra's unique, every-node-the-same architecture. We will reveal Cassandra's internal data structure and explain just why Cassandra is so darned fast. Finally, we'll wrap up with a discussion of data modeling using the new standard protocol: CQL (Cassandra Query Language).

Video  |  Slides

Community Webinar  |  Cassandra Architecture, Development & Operations – Your Questions Answered Live

Tis' the season to get all of your urgent and demanding Cassandra questions answered live! Get ready for yet another very special edition of the Cassandra Community Webinar – Q&A style. Please join us as we close out 2013 with an entire hour devoted to answering as many Cassandra questions as possible. Our panel of experts have a vast knowledge of Cassandra and will be answering questions ranging from a variety of personas; developer, architecture and operations.

Community Webinar  |  Data Model on Fire

Functional data models are great, but how can you squeeze out more performance and make them awesome! Let's talk through some example Cassandra 2.0 models, go through the tuning steps and understand the tradeoffs. Many time's just a simple understanding of the underlying Cassandra 2.0 internals can make all the difference. I've helped some of the biggest companies in the world do this and I can help you. Do you feel the need for Cassandra 2.0 speed?

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Community Webinar  |  From MongoDB to Cassandra: Architectural Lessons

We'll be covering some aspects of our architecture, highlighting differences between MongoDB and Cassandra. We'll go in depth to explain why Cassandra is a better choice for our general purpose Application Platform (SHIFT) as well as our Media Buying Analytics tool (the SHIFT Media Manager). We'll be going over common design patterns people might be familiar with coming from a background with MongoDB and highlight how Cassandra would be used as a better alternative. We'll also touch more on cqlengine which is nearing feature completeness as the Cassandra object mapper for Python.

Video  |  Slides

Webinar  |  ‘Secret Sauce’: How Allied Payment Innovates with DataStax Enterprise

Join us for this webinar, where you will learn about Allied Payment’s “Painless migration” from Microsoft SQL Server, accomplished after they were in production, discovery of the “paradigm-shifting” query-first data model, use of DataStax’s OpsCenter to easily manage the database layer of their application, and experience of 100x faster response times since deploying on DataStax Enterprise.

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Community Webinar  |  Understanding How CQL3 Maps to Cassandra's Internal Data Structure

CQL3 is the newly ordained, canonical, and best-practices means of interacting with Cassandra. Indeed, the Apache Cassandra documentation itself declares that the Thrift API as “legacy” and recommends that CQL3 be used instead. But I’ve heard several people express their concern over the added layer of abstraction. There seems to be an uncertainty about what’s really happening inside of Cassandra. In this presentation we will open up the hood and take a look at exactly how Cassandra is treating CQL3 queries.

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Community Webinar  |  Cassandra Architecture, Development and Operations – Your Questions Answered Live

Get all of your urgent and demanding questions ready for this very special edition of Cassandra Community Webinar – Q&A style. We realize that there are loads of questions that come in during each of our webinars with minimal time to answer them, so we are devoting one hour to answer as many Cassandra questions as possible. Our panel of experts have avast knowledge of Cassandra and will be answering questions ranging from a variety of personas; developer, architecture and operations.

Community Webinar  |  Make Life Easier — An Introduction to Cassandra Query Language

Matt Stump (the speaker in this webinar) is currently a solutions architect at DataStax and is the author of the forthcoming "Cassandra: A Beginner's Guide" published by Packt. He has an extensive background in high performance computing working with companies such as SourceNinja and Symantec. He brings a wealth of knowledge not only in Cassandra, but also in Solr, as he was an extremely early implementer of the technology.

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How Much Money Do You Lose Every Time Your Ecommerce Site Goes Down?

In today’s environment, you must serve your customers with uptime (all the time) availability, plus hidden benefits like state-of-the-art fraud detection and game-changing recommendation engines. In this webinar, you'll learn how to get uptime, all the time, so you can serve your customers without outages.

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Community Webinar  |  In Case of Emergency, Break Glass

The design of Apache Cassandra allows applications to provide constant uptime. Peer-to-Peer technology ensures there are no single points of failure, and the Consistency guarantees allow applications to function correctly while some nodes are down. There is also a wealth of information provided by the JMX API and the system log. All of this means that when things go wrong you have the time, information and platform to resolve them without downtime. This presentation will cover some of the common, and not so common, performance issues, failures and management tasks observed in running clusters. Aaron will discuss how to gather information and how to act on it. Operators, Developers and Managers will all benefit from this exposition of Cassandra in the wild.

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Community Webinar | Apache Cassandra Internals

Apache Cassandra solves many interesting problems to provide a scalable, distributed, fault tolerant database. Cluster wide operations track node membership, direct requests and implement consistency guarantees. At the node level, the Log Structured storage engine provides high performance reads and writes. All of this is implemented in a Java code base that has greatly matured over the past few years. In this webinar Aaron Morton steps through read and write requests, automatic processes and manual maintenance tasks. He also discusses the general approach to solving the problem and drill down to the code responsible for implementation.

Don't Let Your Shoppers Drop; 5 Rules for Today's Ecommerce

The definition of Ecommerce has totally changed, expanding from a purely retail perspective to mean "the place where your customers meet you online." Whether you offer mortgage services or catering recommendations, you must think of your online transaction application as an eCommerce site. For one thing, you can't afford for your online presence to go down -- ever. Secondly, you need to handle unpredictable spikes in demand without breaking your budget. Thirdly, you need to gain (and keep) customer trust with the appropriate levels of data security.

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Community Webinar | Practice Makes Perfect: Extreme Cassandra Optimization

Ooyala has been using Apache Cassandra since version 0.4. Their data ingest volume has exploded since 0.4 and Cassandra has scaled along with it. In this webinar Al will share lessons that he has learned across an array of topics from an operational perspective including how to manage, tune, and scale Cassandra in a production environment.

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Community Webinar | The World's Next Top Data Model

You know you need Cassandra for it's uptime and scaling, but what about that data model? Let's bridge that gap and get you building your game changing app. The goal of this talk is to get you comfortable working with data in Cassandra throughout the application lifecycle.

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2 Billion Data Points Each Day: DataStax and Ooyala Webinar

During this session, Ooyala CTO, Sean Knapp and DataStax Vice President of Marketing, Lara Shackelford will discuss why Ooyala selected DataStax as the big data platform powering their business, and how they provide real-time video analytics that help media companies create deeply personalized viewing experiences for more than 1/4 of all Internet video viewers each month.

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Transform your Business by Choosing the Right Big Data Stack

This session follows the process of evaluating different big data platforms based on varying use cases and business requirements, explain how big data professionals can choose the right technology to transform their business, and how open source technology is helping close the skills shortage within the big data industry.


Data Modelers Still Have Jobs: Adjusting For the NoSQL Environment

Using concrete, real-world examples, this webinar will show how abandoning modeling altogether is a recipe for disaster, how experienced relational modelers can leverage their skills for NoSQL projects, how the NoSQL context both simplifies and complicates the modeling endeavor, and how lessons learned modeling for NoSQL projects can make you a more effective modeler for any kind of project.

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Big Data Security with DataStax + Gazzang

Learn how to satisfy your Security and Compliance office in this webinar offered by DataStax, the company that develops Apache Cassandra™, and Gazzang, provider of data security solutions for big data and cloud environments.

Cassandra Community Webinar | Become a Super Modeler

Sure you can do some time series modeling. Maybe some user profiles. What's going to make you a super modeler? Let's take a look at some great techniques taken from real world applications where we exploit the Cassandra big table model to it's fullest advantage.

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Cassandra Community Webinar | The Data Model is Dead, Long Live the Data Model

Who says that big data doesn't need a data model? You won't after this webinar. Relational systems have always been built on the premise of modeling relationships. As you will see, static schema, one-to-one, many-to-many still have a place in Cassandra. From the familiar, we'll go into the specific differences in Cassandra and tricks to make your application fast and resilient.

How to Tell if Your Business Needs NoSQL

If you're wondering what NoSQL is and if your business can benefit from NoSQL technology, join DataStax for the Webinar, "How to Tell if Your Business Needs NoSQL". This to-the-point presentation will provide practical litmus tests to help you understand whether NoSQL is right for your use case, and supplies examples of NoSQL technology in action with leading businesses that demonstrate how and where NoSQL databases can have the greatest impact.

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Cassandra Community Webinar | CMB - An Open Message Bus for the Cloud

At Comcast Silicon Valley we have developed a general purpose message bus for the cloud. The service is API compatible with Amazon's SQS/SNS and is built on Cassandra and Redis with the goal of linear horizontal scalability. In this Webinar we will explore the architecture of the system and how we employ Cassandra as a central component to meet key requirements. We will also take a look at the latest performance numbers.

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