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DataStax Enterprise 4.0 In-Memory Option

DataStax Enterprise 4.0 introduces a new in-memory option that brings the power and flexibility of Cassandra to an in-memory database. This paper discusses a number of performance tests performed by DataStax with the in-memory option along with recommendations on when and when not to use 4.0’s in-memory tables.

What’s New in DataStax Enterprise 4.0 and OpsCenter 4.1?

This paper discusses the new features delivered in version 4.0 of DataStax Enterprise. For more general information on NoSQL and NoSQL use cases, as well as an introduction to DataStax Enterprise, please see the “Why NoSQL?” and “DataStax Enterprise” white papers on DataStax.com.

DataStax Enterprise Reference Architecture

This white paper outlines the reference architecture of Apache Cassandra™ and DataStax Enterprise (DSE) and establishes a starting point for users who are contemplating different hardware choices to host DSE. This document also provides good guidance for System Architects and System Administrators during the planning stages of development, test and production environments, whether in-house or at a private or public data center.

Enabling PCI-DSS Compliance on DataStax Enterprise

Today’s online debit, credit and pre-paid card applications need always-on, disaster-proof database technology along with the enterprise security necessary to meet tough industry standards. This paper examines how DataStax Enterprise, powered by the Apache Cassandra™ database, meets these needs in one integrated solution. The Appendix provides in-depth detail about the enhanced security made possible through the partnership between big data security leader Gazzang and DataStax.

Simplifying Database Management with DataStax OpsCenter

Managing and optimizing the performance of a widely distributed database that is comprised of many individual servers can be very challenging. This paper discusses how DataStax OpsCenter can be used to greatly simplify the task of administering one or many Apache Cassandra™ and DataStax Enterprise database clusters, whether those clusters are deployed on premise or in the cloud.

Comparing Oracle with Cassandra/DataStax Enterprise

This paper looks at why NoSQL technology like Apache Cassandra™ / Datastax Enterprise is quickly becoming the first and best database choice over Oracle for online applications, providing guidelines for when a legacy RDBMS like Oracle should be used and when NoSQL is required.

What’s New in Apache Cassandra 2.0?

Version 2.0 of Apache Cassandra delivers more features and functionality for developers who are coming from relational databases (RDBMS’s), and reduces the amount of manual coding time needed for creating modern, data-driven applications.

What’s New in DataStax Enterprise 3.1?

DataStax Enterprise 3.1 continues to provide the most comprehensive security feature set of any NoSQL solution provider. This paper details the enhancements you’ll find in DataStax Enterprise Edition 3.1.

Implementing a NoSQL Strategy

This paper provides a general enterprise implementation strategy for NoSQL by exploring the key reasons why enterprises are turning to NoSQL solutions and providing examples of how modern businesses are using the technology today.

Security and Compliance in Big Data

Learn about HIPAA-HITECH, PCI-DSS, FERPA and European privacy regulations and how data security solutions for Apache Cassandra™ and DataStax Enterprise can help organizations successfully meet their most pressing compliance initiatives.

Benchmarking Top NoSQL Databases

Learn how End Point Corporation, a database and open source consulting company, benchmarked the top NoSQL databases – Apache Cassandra, Apache HBase, and MongoDB – using a variety of different workloads on AWS and see the results.

Why NoSQL?

Learn about the six most common reasons NoSQL databases are being deployed today and how Apache Cassandra™ and DataStax Enterprise serve those use cases.

Introduction to Multi-Data Center Operations

Get a solid grounding in why multiple data center databases are fast becoming the new norm for database operations, along with what characteristics a database must have to run simultaneously across many data centers and the cloud.

Why Migrate from MySQL to Cassandra

Get a high-level examination of the why’s and how’s of migrating from Oracle’s MySQL to more capable big data technologies, such as Apache Cassandra and Apache Hadoop.

Big Data – Beyond the Hype

This paper examines the growing prevalence of big data across nearly every industry and explains why its effective use is critical for firms that want to compete in their chosen market.

DataStax Enterprise

Discover how DataStax Enterprise handles both real-time and analytic data and other big data challenges without the major compromises and costs associated with traditional RDBMS solutions.

NoSQL in the Enterprise

Cut through the clutter of varying NoSQL solutions and examine essential characteristics successful enterprise deployments share in common.

Introduction to Apache Cassandra

Learn about Apache Cassandra, the NoSQL database designed for big data applications that require high performance, massive scale and continuous availability.

Welcome to Apache Cassandra 1.0

This paper gives new users an overview of Apache Cassandra, explores why and where it’s being used and describes key enhancements that appear in the 1.0 release.