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Freedom of Choice, Simplicity, and True Cloud Economics

For Modern Data Applications

Massive Data with Freedom of Choice

Global-scale and 100% uptime without vendor lock-in. Deploy on multi-cloud, on-prem, open-source, and Kubernetes. Elastic and pay-as-you-go for improved TCO.

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Delivered with Simple APIs

Start building faster with Stargate APIs for NoSQL, real-time, reactive, JSON, REST, and GraphQL. Skip the complexity of multiple OSS projects and APIs that don’t scale.

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Powering Interactive Apps with True Cloud Economics

Ideal for commerce, mobile, AI/ML, IoT, microservices, social, gaming, and richly interactive applications that must scale-up and scale-down with demand.

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Open, Multi-Cloud Cassandra-as-a-Service

Get building modern data applications with Astra, a database-as-a-service powered by Apache Cassandra™.

DataStax Astra
  • Simple APIs

    Use REST, GraphQL, JSON with your favorite full-stack framework

  • Multi-Cloud

    Richly interactive apps that are elastic and viral-ready from Day 1

  • Serverless

    Pay-as-you-go Apache Cassandra DBaaS that scales effortlessly and affordably

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Stargate in Astra

Announcing the integration of Stargate and its REST, GraphQL, and Schemaless JSON API extensions.

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Why Multi-Cloud is Imperative to Any Modern Data Strategy

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Why Enterprises Need DataStax Astra

Read what analysts have to say.

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A production-ready platform for running Apache Cassandra on Kubernetes, with automation for operational tasks such as repairs, backups, and monitoring.

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You can do data strategy.

Most enterprises have a hybrid cloud strategy. But today’s leaders, like Home Depot, are more likely to have already implemented a hybrid data strategy.

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Inspired Execution

Interviews with technology leaders from global enterprises on their journeys to scaling multi-billion dollar businesses.

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Data-Driven, Digitally Transformed - Lessons From Leaders

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Progress Toward the Data-Driven Enterprise

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Hands-on Workshops

Join the DataStax team for a virtual workshop.

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DataStax Developers

We’re excited to share a learning experience for both new and experienced Cassandra users now at datastax.com/dev.

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Multi-cloud DBaaS built on Apache Cassandra™

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Hands-on Workshops

Join the DataStax team for a virtual workshop.

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Cassandra: The Definitive Guide - 3rd Edition | O'Reilly

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“The ability to quickly and easily integrate data in Apache Cassandra with other apps is a major achievement. The GraphQL API in Stargate takes the complexity out of accessing and stitching data together across the organization and services. Stargate in Cassandra will break API boundaries, data silos, and, ultimately, help unify all developers to work better together.”

Vinay Chella

Apache Cassandra Committer, Engineer and Cloud Data Architect, Netflix


“At Yelp, we are excited about Stargate's vision to be an open-source and cloud-native data access API gateway. We already heavily rely on the reliability and resilience of Cassandra to handle big workloads with zero downtime. Therefore, the ability to abstract Cassandra-specific concepts entirely from app developers and support different API options will go a long way in removing barriers of entry for new software developers at Yelp.”

Sirisha Vanteru

Engineering Manager, Yelp


“We are passionate about driving advancements in digital innovation and we brought this mindset to our technical partnership with DataStax when co-designing Stargate. Through open collaboration we have harnessed our collective technical strengths and insights to realise new possibilities and we are proud of what we have achieved together to enhance our customer’s experience online.”

Rajeev Aikkara

VP IT Digital, Omnichannel and Marketing, Burberry


“We already use Cassandra for the reliability and resilience to handle big workloads with zero downtime. The promise of Astra is a true Cassandra-as-a-Service with no ops. This will help developers work more efficiently so they can spend more time innovating.”

Dipak Chandan

Senior Engineering Manager at Venmo


“We have significant repositories of data. And now what we're doing is using this next generation technology to activate that data in a more real way and try and provide insights to the world and to customers that we think will be quite valuable.”

Rob Carter

CIO, FedEx

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