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DataStax is a hybrid database-as-a-service built on Apache Cassandra™. Over 450 data-driven enterprises use DataStax to grow their business with data.

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We all know the future of software is “cloud-native.” How did we get here? What’s coming next? Join Sam Ramji and become part of this growing community of friends. Let's go far together.

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Apache Cassandra finally gets an enterprise-grade index! The new 'Storage-Attached Index’ is an important step toward making Apache Cassandra more business-user friendly.

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New episodes available now! Hear how users and enterprises are succeeding with NoSQL and Apache Cassandra!

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The 2020s Will Be Defined by Scale-Out Data. Listen to The New Stack Podcast with DataStax to learn more.

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Trusted by over 450 Enterprises

DataStax built on Apache Cassandra gives you the freedom to run your data on any device and in any cloud.

Built on open-source Apache Cassandra™

Apache Cassandra is the open-source, active-everywhere NoSQL that powers the internet’s largest applications.

Get the benefits of open-source with direct access to the engineers that support the largest Cassandra deployments.


Scale-out NoSQL for any workload

Built on the foundation of Apache Cassandra, DataStax Enterprise adds operational reliability, monitoring, and security.

Accelerate a cloud-native strategy or bare-metal performance, support more workloads from graph to search to analytics, and enable more users with Kubernetes, REST, and GraphQL APIs.

Cloud-Native Cassandra-as-a-Service

Rapidly build cloud-native applications with DataStax Astra, a database-as-a-service powered by Apache Cassandra.

Scale-out and scale-in on any hybrid or multi-cloud with zero downtime at global scale.



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Data-driven enterprises use data to redefine the value propositions they offer to customers, at a pace and scale that grows their business.

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"There is no other vendor in the market who is distributing Cassandra...DataStax is the only one. We wanted an active-active database that works in multiple datacenters and also offers linear scalability, resiliency, and fault tolerance which is needed to work in a cloud-native environment."
"We’ve been able to utilize the DataStax platform to handle node failures, hardware failures, and get resiliency as well as redundancy across the data centers."
"It was all about ensuring we could get enterprise-grade solutions for our mission critical applications. [With DataStax] we don’t have to think about downtime. Our platforms are always on and always highly available."
"DataStax's Sam Ramji discusses Datastax's acquisition of The Last Pickle, a Cassandra consulting and services firm that’s behind a number of popular open-source tools for the distributed NoSQL database."
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"Past the ‘breakup,’ DataStax once again has an important role to play in the Apache Cassandra project."
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