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The Database For

Hybrid and Multi-Cloud

Built on Apache Cassandra™

Designed from the ground up to run anywhere, on any cloud, in any datacenter, and in every possible combination. DataStax delivers the ultimate hybrid cloud database.

DataStax Enterprise is the hybrid, multi-cloud database designed to deliver
today, tomorrow and beyond


Masterless Architecture for
Modern Applications

Modern applications require the contextual, always-on, real-time data management that DSE provides.

Best Database for Hybrid
and Multi-Cloud

Built from the ground up for today's modern hybrid and multi-cloud environments.

83 all

World's Leading
Apache Cassandra Experts

Rebel NoSQL invader turned industry standard, Apache Cassandra is the backbone of DataStax.

Influencing customers worldwide to think
beyond what is possible


A cloud-native platform with smart services that radically simplify and accelerate application development while eliminating the complex overhead of database operations.

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