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Thank you for joining us at DataStax Accelerate 2019!

We'll see you next year in San Diego!

May 11-13, 2020

DataStax Accelerate 2020

San Diego, CA

Accelerate 2019

Accelerate 2019 was jam-packed with exciting moments, from visionary keynotes led by industry heavyweights to the over 70 technical breakouts spanning application development, architecture and deployment options, advanced DataStax offerings and more. Get exclusive access to these sessions to occupy your time until next year's big event comes around.

"Thanks a lot for inviting and accepting me as a speaker as I had a blast meeting my former colleagues from other companies I worked in the past who are now also working with Cassandra, meeting and chatting with new folks, and listening to many interesting use cases which are now getting solved with DSE/Cassandra. It was a really great experience and I definitely want to continue to participate in the future."

Sergiy Smyrnov Lead Database Architect

Over 300 bootcamp attendees experienced firsthand the latest offering from DataStax: DataStax Constellation

DataStax Constellation is a cloud platform that delivers a number of services designed to make building modern database applications in the cloud quick, simple, and cost effective. But don't take our word for it! Here's how some bootcampers reacted to DataStax Constellation within hours of putting the product through its paces.

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