A Distributed Data Layer for Blockchain and Crypto Applications

Build a fast data layer for crypto exchanges and payment networks powered by Apache Cassandra®, a true peer-to peer, 24/7 database for 24/7 finance

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Open-source, real-time, always-on data layer for blockchain applications

The world of decentralized finance demands instantly available distributed data. After all, users expect to make trades and access their history whenever they want. Prices change quickly and spikes in traffic can never be predicted.

An always-on, fast data layer provides an uninterrupted user experience without overloading the core transaction layer. The only way that exchanges and payment networks can meet the demands of today’s markets is with speed, transparency, and the power of real-time tools.

How to Win in Crypto: The Value of Distributed Data for Decentralized Finance.

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Transparent platform

  • Horizontal scalability: Serve up users' positions, balances, and full trade history
  • High availability: Trust that transaction data is available to users 100% of the time
  • Multi-cloud: Move data to different clouds or geos to meet performance or regulatory needs
  • Open source Cassandra: Built on a top-level Apache project since 2010

Real-time data

  • Low latency writes and reads for the best experience
  • Ingest and display trade pricing data at any traffic volume
  • Serverless architecture scales down to zero and up to infinity

Improve agility and speed for blockchain-based businesses.

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Cassandra-based DBaaS for high volume transactions for cryptocurrency and blockchain

DataStax Astra DB, a DBaaS built on Apache Cassandra®, is ideal for highly volatile environments like the crypto market. It reduces deployment time from weeks to minutes, and delivers an unprecedented combination of pay-as-you-go pricing with the freedom and agility of multi-cloud and open source.

Real-time trade analytics and pricing data

Ingest and display trade pricing data in real time and make it available via API for consumption on apps and other places

Visibility into users' full trade history

Trust that data is available to users 100% of the time and provide full transparency of all transactions on the blockchain

Serverless architecture to reduce TCO and handle peak workloads

Always be ready for unexpected spikes in traffic, and scale up and down as needed

Distributed peer-to-peer architecture

Provides the flexibility to move wherever needed given the shifting regulatory environment for crypto

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Speed, availability, transparency, and real-time data processing for payment networks and exchanges

Accelerated development

Access a cloud native data platform with all of the power of open-source Cassandra in less than 5 minutes.

Developer-friendly APIs

Avoid the complexities of any particular database technology and use standard REST, GraphQL, and Document APIs.

Freedom of cloud choice

Quickly and easily develop on a cloud native platform and deploy to any cloud, on-prem, or hybrid.

More coding, less ops

Focus on developing innovative features, and let Astra DB take care of operations.

Easy integration

Couple the database layer with event streaming technologies including Apache Kafka® and Apache Pulsar®.

Customer Success

See how exchanges and payments networks are partnering with DataStax to enhance customer experience and build out their ecosystem.

“For ICE, we need to provide information to the customer as to what kind of trade happened, when it happened and where it happened, and this needs to occur in real time at massive scale. For such use cases, a distributed, scalable data layer like DataStax that remains always on is a very good fit.”

Ajit Singh
Director of Data Technology Platforms at ICE

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