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Accelerate Talk to Address Managing Data at Scale

date: May 2, 2019

I am extremely excited to attend my first DataStax conference, DataStax Accelerate!

There are many presentations that I want to attend, but the topics that most interest me are discussions around the challenges customers face when scaling their solutions. So I am looking forward to understanding how Max Melnick at Deloitte used DataStax Enterprise (DSE) Analytics and Graph together to perform massive-scale entity resolution of data across domains, which he will discuss in his talk, “Massive-Scale Entity Resolution Using the Power of DataStax Enterprise.”

We all understand that managing data at scale can be difficult, but applying data science techniques at scale poses additional challenges. I am very curious to understand the problems Max faced and solutions he deployed. How did he use DSE Analytics and Graph? What were the lessons learned?

The DataStax Accelerate conference has many such presentations covering different industries and use cases. I am looking forward to attending as many sessions as possible. See you there!

DataStax Accelerate


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