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Developer Newsletter: Ania Kubow — I built a Netflix Clone with GraphQL Pagination! Reviewed by a NETFLIX ENGINEER!

Hello developers of the world! Today we want to introduce you to a longtime Datastax friend and most excellent coder Ania Kubow. Ania runs a popular YouTube channel with many great videos full of coding tips. 

This might not be news to those of you who have seen Ania create some amazing apps before, but what is new is that in her latest episode, Ania helps you build a Netflix™ clone. Besides using Datastax Astra as the foundation, this how-to also leverages the GraphQL API for communication. Ania explores slicing and pagination, which, in a nutshell, is a way you can get the data you need, page by page—instead of getting it all at once.

Not only do we get another great tutorial from Ania, we also get a Netflix™ engineer reviewing the code and deployment of this clone. That’s right—feedback and insights from an actual Netflix™ engineer!

We invite you to check out this new video and subscribe to Ania’s YouTube channel for more amazing content as the library of videos expands!

Check out the video here: Ania Kubow: I built a Netflix Clone with GraphQL Pagination! Reviewed by a NETFLIX ENGINEER!

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