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500 Tech Leaders Show That Real-time Data Has Real Impact

Thomas Been
Thomas BeenCMO, DataStax
500 Tech Leaders Show That Real-time Data Has Real Impact

We consistently hear that harnessing real-time data is a critical way to drive revenue and build world-class customer experiences. It’s a foundational belief here at DataStax.

Important new research backs this up, by showing how critical real-time data—the data that powers in-the-moment use cases such as recommendations and personalization, or always-up-to-date inventory and logistics—is to organizations. Strategic research firm ClearPath Strategies conducted an in-depth survey of more than 500 technology leaders and practitioners across a variety of industries about their data strategies.

The results, available today in the new research report The State of the Data Race 2022, are impressive. The big-picture finding: organizations that have prioritized real-time data as a strategic initiative report transformative revenue growth and increased developer productivity.

More precisely, 71% of all respondents agree (either completely or somewhat) that they can tie their revenue growth directly to real-time data. And among organizations that make real-time data a strategic focus, 42% experience a transformative impact on revenue growth.

The State of the Data Race 2022 details these findings and explores several other areas, including:

  • How real-time data helps developers build better
  • The biggest challenges that organizations face with real-time data
  • The most prevalent real-time data use cases

This research report is more than a fascinating snapshot of how organizations work with and benefit from real-time data. It also provides organizations with a playbook on how to organize and execute a plan to get results with real-time data.

For example, organizations expressing the most confidence in their ability to use data to increase revenue, reduce costs, and increase productivity are almost universally (90 percent or more) getting work done in cross-functional teams, aligned to business units.

This blueprint for success is particularly important today, as organizations have only just begun to realize the potential of real-time data. According to the report, the top use cases for real-time data are internal (monitoring internal IT systems and user activity are the leading use cases among respondents); organizations are going after low-hanging fruit right now, with the potential for building in-the-moment customer experiences and personalization wide open ahead of them.

The opportunity to build real-time applications is available to organizations of all sizes today. At DataStax, we’ve worked to remove the barriers to mobilizing real-time data by offering an open data stack that enables enterprises to quickly build the smart, highly scalable applications required to be a data-driven business. 


Want details about the new research? Download The State of the Data Race 2022 report today. 

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