October 6, 2020

Application Modernization for Data-Driven Transformation with DataStax Enterprise on Microsoft Azure

Tara Jana
Tara JanaProduct Marketing

Enterprises today are rapidly modernizing their business-critical applications to match the growing expectations of their customers. Most are assembling transformational data architectures built on scale-out data and microservices to enable dramatically improved operations, developer productivity, and time-to-market.

DataStax Enterprise on Microsoft Azure enables enterprises to run mission critical workloads with zero downtime to achieve business agility, compliance, data sovereignty, and data governance. This integration represents our commitment to customers' freedom of choice to run any workload, anywhere at global scale.

The ability to provide faster response times, reliably supporting the demands of enterprises for a variety of workloads, and scaling effortlessly to handle millions of requests per second are critical to building modern and stateful applications. At the same time, technology solutions must be more open and flexible to handle cloud-native architectures while maintaining mission-critical uptime and reliability.

For years, users and enterprises have utilized the hybrid cloud benefits to improve time-to-market, operating economics and scale in their applications. DataStax Enterprise (DSE) - a distributed, hybrid, cloud-native NoSQL database built on Apache Cassandra™, running on Azure, provides the foundation for personalized, real-time applications at massive scale.


With DataStax Enterprise, enterprises can benefit from the hybrid-cloud environment via a seamless data layer that eliminates the issues that typically come with deploying applications across multiple on-premises data centers and/or in hybrid cloud. DSE’s unique masterless architecture makes it simple to manage and scale mixed workloads of operational databases and analytics. With no single point of failure, the fully distributed database makes it easy to deploy across datacenters, cloud regions, and hybrid clouds.

“Because Smart Construction Cloud Service requires handling a large amount of data, a distributed NoSQL database such as DataStax Enterprise is essential. DataStax Enterprise (DSE) was selected because it was often mentioned as a product with enhanced support functions for operational management, including backup and restoring, visual monitoring, and support for periodic maintenance work, not to mention the general support that is offered alongside it.”-  Mr. Hiroki Akanuma, Manager System Development Department Smart Construction Promotion Division, Komatsu Limited

DSE’s multi-model capabilities allow developers to choose from tabular, document (JSON), key-value, and graph data models. With drivers for C/C++, C#, Java, Python, etc. designed specifically to handle distributed deployments, you don’t have to worry about the growth of your cluster. Additional operational automation using Kubernetes operators, APIs and management tools provide users and enterprises with the capabilities to intelligently and proactively manage multiple clusters and simplify everyday tasks, allowing enterprises to focus more time on the application that drives business value.


Exciting times are ahead, and together we will unlock the potential of running solutions on DataStax and Azure that enable enterprises to build mission-critical applications at global scale with tools and APIs that developers love the most. Learn more about DataStax Enterprise on the Azure Marketplace or read the Microsoft blog.


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