TechnologyAugust 13, 2020

Apps at Astra-nomical Speeds 🚀: Introducing the Sample App Gallery

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Sebastian Estevez
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Apps at Astra-nomical Speeds 🚀: Introducing the Sample App Gallery

We’re excited to announce the Astra sample application gallery. You can launch a database, create tables, load sample data, and deploy a Cassandra backed application in minutes.

The sample app gallery provides examples of how to use Astra with your favorite programming languages and frameworks.

To access the gallery directly, click here.

Astra's raison d'etre is to connect every developer to the power of Apache Cassandra™. This means that whether you're writing massively parallel applications with Apache Spark, cranking out your next cloud-native app in GoLang, or writing JAMStack applications, you can take advantage of Cassandra's scalability and performance.



To get started with one of our samples, create a DataStax Astra cluster then click on of the samples on the app gallery.

We are constantly adding new sample apps and will provide bi-weekly updates as we do so.



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Astra DB gives JavaScript developers a complete data API and out-of-the-box integrations that make it easier to build production RAG apps with high relevancy and low latency.