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Build faster with DataStax Examples

Chris Splinter
Chris SplinterProduct Management
Build faster with DataStax Examples

Have you ever been in a situation where you were looking to accomplish a technical task and found an example out there on the internet that you could just copy & paste to get you going?

If you haven't, well I'm sorry, it's a great feeling when that happens because it saves time.

This week, we launched DataStax Examples with code snippets and examples that aim to help you get things done faster with Apache Cassandra® and DataStax products. 
Check it out here:
Whether you are new to these technologies or have years of experience, these examples show how to build better applications with a range of tooling and frameworks. The code is open source and available on GitHub here:
You will find demos for many topics including:

  • Serverless cloud functions
  • Connecting streaming Kafka data to a DataStax database using Docker containers
  • Building a stateless REST API for Cassandra
  • Handling thousands of async concurrent requests in applications
  • Using DataStax Enterprise Graph Frames with Apache Spark for analytics
  • Constructing a GraphQL API for Cassandra

The current batch is just a start and we will continue to build up the DataStax Examples arsenal with more pieces to help you get things done faster. Whether you are building an application or operating the database, we want to hear from you! Ask questions at the DataStax Examples community space and request a new example or give us some feedback by sending an email to
Let’s make those modern applications happen!

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