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Join in and Learn: Cassandra Summit Registration is Open!

Patrick McFadin
Patrick McFadinVP, Developer Relations & Cassandra Committer
Join in and Learn: Cassandra Summit Registration is Open!

Last week was a pretty amazing one for the Apache Cassandra® community. 

First of all, among all the hype of the AWS re:Invent conference, bigDATAwire (formerly known as Datanami) announced its Readers’ Choice awards—and Cassandra was chosen as a top three “data and AI open source project to watch.” Pretty remarkable for a 14-year-old project! It speaks to the project's direction, guided by some very talented contributors and committers. 

Cloud native services. Increased reliance on real time data. Growing demands on data services created by AI/ML workloads. All of these things are where Cassandra not only shines but will exceed users’ expectations. This award acknowledges something we can say with conviction: Cassandra is just getting started. 

But wait—that’s not all. Here’s what you were waiting for: registration for Cassandra Summit 2023 is now open! When we gather in San Jose next year (on March 13-14, to be exact), it’ll have been seven long years since our last Cassandra Summit. There have been smaller events and the annual gathering at ApacheCon, but this coming-together of our community can’t be beat. To sweeten the deal, you can use DataStax’s discount code, CS23DS20, to knock 20% off your registration. 

This event will load you up with a lot of Cassandra knowledge and accelerate the next year of your developer life. If you’ve been to a previous Cassandra Summit, you know the feeling after it’s over: you’re charged up with the energy to take on ten new projects. If you’re new to the Cassandra community, we’ll be running a training day offered just before the main summit. This is a great way to bundle up a ton of Cassandra goodness in one trip. Attend an all-day workshop, then spend the next two days learning and interacting with the Cassandra community. You’ll leave with a whole lot more than a sharp new Cassandra shirt. 

All of this comes riding in from a solid year of momentum for the project with lively in-person events and big feature announcements. You could feel the excitement building after the milestone Apache Cassandra 4.0 release. The intended outcome was to use the stable base of the world's best database for scale, distribution, and resilience to create a springboard to the next decade of data needs. I’m happy to report it’s getting noticed.

Cassandra is clearly the database of the future, and attending Cassandra Summit will set you up to be ready. We have a lot of changes coming as the project becomes more cloud native and we adopt new features such as ACID transactions. I’m sure you know how technology works. Keep up or fall behind. We, as a community, take care of our own, and we want to help our members stay up with the latest. I hope to see you there. 

Register for Cassandra Summit, which happens on March 13-14, 2023, in San Jose!

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