March 8, 2023

5 Reasons You Don’t Want to Miss Cassandra Forward

Cassandra is a reliable distributed database management system designed to handle massive amounts of data, however its project and community are still ramping up. Attend Cassandra Forward, a two-hour event, and we're confident you'll recognize Cassandra as the ideal platform for your next-generation applications.
Lorena Hathaway
Lorena Hathaway
5 Reasons You Don’t Want to Miss Cassandra Forward

As you’ve probably heard, the in-person Cassandra Summit that was scheduled for March has been postponed until December 2023 due to travel restrictions in the current economy. But don't worry! DataStax is hosting a free two-hour virtual event called Cassandra Forward on March 14th to keep the community connected. Don't just take our word for it, check out Ania Kubow's short video for a sneak peak of what to expect at the event.

Not convinced yet? Here are five reasons why you should tune in and not miss this chance to learn about what's new and what's coming soon with Cassandra:

1. Discover why ACID transactions on Cassandra are a big deal.

Cassandra 5.0 will bring globally available, general-purpose ACID transactions that work seamlessly with Cassandra's scale, resilience, and multi-data-center fault tolerance. Aaron Ploetz from DataStax will explain this breakthrough.

Netflix relies on Cassandra because it is scalable, reliable, and can handle 30 million operations per second on a single cluster. Satyajit Thadeshwar from Netflix will share how real-time data pipelines can empower decision-makers and AI apps with the freshest data available.

3. Understand what durable execution is and how Temporal achieves it with Cassandra.

Loren Sands-Ramshaw from Temporal will explain how combining apps built using Temporal's open-source durable execution platform with Cassandra's proven reliability can make your apps invincible.

4. Discover how MongooseJS will make life easier for Cassandra developers.

Valeri Karpov, author of the popular MongooseJS library, will discuss his new work with the Apache Cassandra community and how it will simplify the lives of developers working with Cassandra.

5. Find out where to focus your skills development to future-proof your Cassandra career. 

Newly minted Cassandra Committer Patrick McFadin  and DataStax’s Davor Bonaci will look ahead to the use cases that will dominate the Cassandra landscape in the next few years, with cloud native and real-time AI/ML being the fastest-growing areas.

Register free and join us at Cassandra Forward on March 14th. Session start times are:

  • Europe/Asia - 12:00 CET / 16:30 IST / 19:00 SGT

  • Americas - 10:00 PT / 13:00 ET

Cassandra has proven its worth over the years and we believe there's still much more to explore. Join us for two hours, and we'll show you why Cassandra is the perfect choice for next-generation applications. Let us know if you’re planning to attend on Twitter or by using the hashtag #CassandraForward.


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