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Customer Innovation at the Speed of Real-Time

Sarah Burr
Sarah Burr
Customer Innovation at the Speed of Real-Time

I know I am not the first to praise DataStax customers for their innovations. We live in an incredibly fast-paced, complicated, and data-rich world, where even business software is compared to the speed and user-friendliness of consumer applications like Uber. “Innovate or die” has never been more real.

And yet, our customers are some of the most resourceful problem-solvers, tackling these challenges head-on to exceed user expectations and over-deliver on business outcomes. From AI-enabled healthcare to real-time financial trades, let me share a couple of my favorite customer stories of late.

Making Healthcare Accessible and Affordable

For Babylon Health, providing a complete and personalized healthcare experience to everyone is a priority. With a team comprised of scientists, data engineers, clinicians, and mathematicians, Babylon is building a new platform for delivering patient services and consultations that can be available around the clock, regardless of how someone wants to be treated or where they happen to be. They’re using a combination of video consultations and a new AI-powered symptom checker to manage patient interactions. The symptom checker service interacts with users via a chat interface in natural language, recognizing symptoms and medical terminology and then recommending the most appropriate next steps for patients to take.

How is DataStax involved? Babylon runs DataStax Enterprise Graph to track and analyze data during each patient session, then uses this information over time to personalize healthcare recommendations and interactions. In addition, Babylon is able to deploy applications in the cloud around the world while keeping firm control over where specific sets of data are stored, who has access to them, and how that data is used over time. This includes managing data across multiple cloud services worldwide depending on which partners will be best to support the company’s goals in each country or region.

Babylon already supports more than 2.6 million members across the UK, Ireland, and Rwanda, and plans to scale to millions more and expand to China.

Powering the World’s Traders

The Atlanta, Georgia-based Intercontinental Exchange, Inc. (ICE), operates 12 regulated exchanges and 6 clearing houses worldwide, including the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE). With data and intelligence offerings in areas from risk management to global derivatives to equities, ICE provides end-to-end risk management solutions to customers in financial and commodities markets. It deals with massive amounts of extremely volatile financial data, and it needs to ensure that this volatile data is safe, accurate, timely, and easily accessible to its customers. To provide the information customers need, such as real-time trends and historical performance, these applications must maintain a high degree of reliability and peak performance throughout the trading day and be able to process large volumes of data.

These requirements were a great fit for DataStax. In DSE, ICE found an enterprise-grade data layer that was not only extremely easy to deploy and manage but also provided key enterprise capabilities such as real-time search and analytics. Even with a constantly growing number of users and data, ICE can deliver powerful applications consistently without worrying about downtime or performance issues. DataStax Enterprise analytics and search enables ICE to quickly gain visibility into all data, such as “ticks”, pricing trends, projected pricing, and other attributes pertinent to a specific instrument. This allows customers to query and search for the changes in real time and get instant insights to apply to their trading and investment decisions.

This is a true example of real-time data in action and the power of an always-on cloud database.

Accelerating Innovation

I love these stories, and they’re just a fraction of the total disruption our customers are creating in their respective markets. Don’t just take my word for it, though: Join us next May as we bring together the best minds and most cutting-edge innovations in distributed database technology for our premier conference, DataStax Accelerate. DataStax Accelerate will feature separate executive and technical tracks, training, hands-on sessions, an exhibitor pavilion, networking, and a full presentation agenda from our executives, customers, and partners. Registration has just opened, so grab your early bird ticket soon, and if you’re so inclined, apply for a chance to share your DataStax success story live! You won’t want to miss it.

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