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DataStax and Oracle: Making “The Moment” Possible

The cloud has transformed customer engagement.  

From geo-locations to shopping history to clicks, likes, and taps, enterprises are using data from every possible touchpoint and channel to solve the greater equation of how to deliver meaningful, individualized experiences that create unwavering customer loyalty.

But most customers aren’t thinking about any of this.

They are not thinking about where their personal data is going or how it is likely being processed through legacy systems, accessed through a variety of applications, sent across a network, or stored in the cloud, making it vulnerable to hackers or fraudsters.

In short, they are not thinking about what is going on under the hood of their car… They are thinking about driving the car and capitalizing on “the moment”.

The moment they deposit their paycheck into their account.

The moment they buy a new bike for their kid.

The moment they hit “like” on an interesting article about hot-air ballooning.

What the collective sum of these moments ultimately translates to is intimacy. The feeling of being known. The feeling that their chosen brands can anticipate their needs and deliver exactly what they want, when and how they want it, regardless of where in the world they are or how many other customers may be expecting the same thing at the same time.

DataStax Enterprise, a data management platform built on the best distribution of Apache Cassandra™ NoSQL database, delivers this seamless experience for enterprises around the world in countless different verticals. From innovators, to digital natives, to industry stalwarts needing to reinvent themselves, DataStax provides the always-on, real-time data layer that makes “the moment” possible for every customer and every company.  McDonald's, eBay, Sony, UBS, Walmart, and hundreds of other established enterprises rely on DataStax to deliver impactful digital experiences while protecting their data at its most raw and fundamental level.

It is in this spirit that we happily announce our partnership with Oracle Cloud Infrastructure, Oracle’s-next generation, internet-scale infrastructure service. Oracle Cloud Infrastructure is designed from the ground up to help modern enterprises do more while experiencing new levels of speed and flexibility with substantial savings over on-premises or cloud alternatives.

And the great thing is: you don’t have to worry about uprooting everything to start using it. Oracle can help customers extend their already-leveraged technology investments, tools, and processes by easily moving mission-critical workloads to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure without the time and cost of re-architecture.

Combining our technology with Oracle will undoubtedly further enhance our ability to be the power behind the moment for enterprises seeking to thrive in the right-now economy.

Go to the Oracle Cloud Jump Start page for a free, hands-on lab on DataStax Enterprise (DSE) Graph and CQL on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure. The lab will familiarize you with basic CQL concepts, DSE Graph, and Gremlin, and also provide you with a strong understanding of how DSE can help your organization deliver real-time customer experiences to capitalize on “the moment”.

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