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Why Your Database Isn’t Working for eCommerce

Jonathan Lacefield
Jonathan LacefieldProduct
Why Your Database Isn’t Working for eCommerce

In eCommerce, your database ultimately powers the customer experience. Today’s customers expect seamless, always-available, easy shopping experiences. You fail at any point in this journey and they won’t be back. Legacy relational databases are no longer capable of keeping up with today’s demands. Likewise, as customer expectations scale fast, the ability to deliver faster and better than your competitors is critical to survival. The front-end experience relies on your database’s ability to access multiple systems of record in real time to deliver a robust, high-performance experience. Unfortunately, many businesses are struggling to do this—and those who fail to transform will become irrelevant.

Here are five ways your eCommerce database may be failing your business:

1.   It’s not resilient and doesn’t scale fast

Legacy database systems were not designed to be as resilient and scalable as today’s ecommerce demands. They cannot keep up with the personalization and millions of interactions that differentiate the best ecommerce businesses.

2. It can’t handle mixed workloads

Many databases can’t handle OLTP/Database CRUD, OLAP, analytics, and search workloads simultaneously. Without this ability, you fall behind.

3. It isn’t multi-model

Your database needs to be multi-model and able to handle all types of data, including tabular, key-value, JSON, and graph, if it’s going to be able to support the demands of the Right-Now Economy.

4. It isn’t comprehensive

One of the headaches of legacy databases is that they do not provide a comprehensive platform. Today’s best platforms are robust and include such things as advanced performance, NodSync, advanced database features, AlwaysOn SQL, advanced security, graph, analytics, search, an OpsCenter and studio features that give you broad functionality from one trusted vendor.

5. It requires on-premises management

Legacy databases require on-premises management and expertise. Today’s best platforms offer managed services to shift workloads and prioritize resources.

Your data is the single most important resource you have and managing it in today’s digitally transforming world is daunting. Legacy approaches with relational databases simply are failing, and cloud strategies can quickly get confusing, limiting, and competitively dangerous.

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