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DataStax Certified as an AWS Service Ready Partner for Linux 2

Let’s face it. Cloud would not be cloud without Linux and for the most part it has become a standard for highly-available cloud computing environments. This is evident as most cloud providers continue to make significant investments in a variety of distributions of this popular open-source operating system

As AWS releases its next generation of Linux, simply named Linux 2, they are promising better performance, long-term support and integration with popular AWS services. They’re also making a strong push to ensure customers have choices by building upon an already robust partner ecosystem.

At DataStax, we are pleased to become a certified Service Ready Partner for AWS Linux 2. Open-source users and enterprises can deploy DataStax with confidence knowing that it has been curated against defined best practices and architecturally reviewed for compatibility. Customers want a choice and the Service Ready program gives users that option. 

DataStax is uniquely positioned not only to help enterprises move to the cloud, but also to align with corporate cloud strategies. As cloud adoption has become more prevalent there’s an emerging requirement of data portability and flexible cloud options, which can only be solved through hybrid or multi-cloud architectures. 

Based on the masterless architecture of Apache Cassandra™ NoSQL database, DataStax brings expertise and enterprise capabilities enabling users and enterprises to build cloud applications at scale.  DataStax is designed to meet the demanding requirements of real-time distributed workloads and cloud-native applications.

To learn more about deploying DataStax in AWS, download the Quickstart deployment guide here.


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Open-Source, Scale-Out, Cloud-Native NoSQL Database