CompanyOctober 18, 2018

DataStax Collaborates with IBM Global Business Services

Matt Rollender
Matt Rollender
DataStax Collaborates with IBM Global Business Services

When enterprises work with completely separate analytic and operational data environments, capturing real-time data and providing services based on a response to outbound events is almost impossible. Enterprise organizations are responding to these silos by merging data into one cohesive destination where it’s easily accessible- and usable- by several levels of the organization and its stakeholders.

IBM’s Global Business Services unit developed the Digital Insights Platform, a multi-tiered platform that captures, stores, analyzes, and takes action on data from traditional first party, third party, and digital sources to offer clients outcomes-focused services. The platform features a three-tiered data layer that’s easy and efficient to scale for various applications, departmental uses, and enterprise uses.

“In today’s world where data rules, overseeing an entire customer journey is navigated through a cumbersome stack of technology that usually includes data management, integration, orchestration, activation and insights,” said Tony Giordano, senior partner and data platform services global leader, IBM Global Business Services. “By utilizing DSE’s advanced data management capabilities, IBM is able to deliver outcome-based solutions that can analyze the inputs and outputs of each system.”

DSE is helping enterprise organizations, like IBM, obtain access to all the right data in one comprehensive and secure environment. DSE provides a real-time, always-on, and highly-scalable solution that traditional RDBMS environments cannot provide. It can deliver database, analytics, and search in a single environment while maintaining a high level of security.

DataStax is helping solve an array of problems that enterprises face in today’s digital-dependent world within a single platform. This platform is designed for data management at scale across different data centers, between cloud regions, and across hybrid cloud deployments.

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