CompanyJuly 20, 2015

DataStax Community 2.2.0 is Ready for Download!

Michael Shuler
Michael Shuler
DataStax Community 2.2.0 is Ready for Download!

DataStax is proud to announce the immediate availability of DataStax Community Edition (DSC) 2.2.0!

DSC 2.2.0 has been uploaded to the public repositories and is available for download from PlanetCassandra.

This is the first release of the Apache Cassandra 2.2 branch and Jonathan covered several highlights in an earlier post, this morning. For a full list of new 2.2 features and upgrade notes, users are encouraged to fully read through the 2.2.0 section NEWS.txt file included in the source code. If you are upgrading from a previous release, read NEWS.txt all the way back to your current version!

A few notable changes that may be gotchas for upgrading and experienced users (not a complete list - see NEWS.txt!):

  • Thrift RPC is no longer started by default
  • cassandra-cli has been removed
  • CQL2 has been removed (deprecated in 2.0.0)
  • Very large batches will be rejected
  • ALLOW FILTERING required for some secondary index queries with restrictions on non-indexed clustering columns

If you would like to dig through all the changes in 2.2.0 since 2.1, you can find those listed in CHANGES.txt in the source.



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