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DataStax DevCenter 1.6.0 Released

DevCenter 1.6.0 was released is now available for download.

This release introduces a number of new features, including support for DSE Search, export keyspace, large results sets and more. Please see the release notes for a complete list and more details.

Also included are a number of bug fixes:

  • Scrolling a very long query trace result might freeze DevCenter
  • Special characters should be filtered out from query trace events
  • No horizontal scroll bar for query trace table.
  • Query trace on linux is not viewable
  • No validation error for missing keyspace in 'DROP INDEX' statement.
  • No validation error for renaming non primary key column.
  • Create Index content assist should not suggest static column.
  • Content assist should not propose existing keyspaces in the CREATE KEYSPACE statement.
  • Drop dialogs: Unable to drop multiple schema elements from different keyspaces.
  • Create Aggregate Content Assist (keyword && with final function): Stype is not suggested.
  • Support inequality expressions in UPDATE IF statement
  • Drop UDA: Wrong UDA dropped in mixed case Keyspace/UDA scenario.
  • No validation error for Create Materialized View without clustering key statement.
  • Details View on Win7 and Ubuntu: Timestamp is not split into 2 lines.
  • Incorrect timestamp format (12 hour without AM/PM indicator) in Results view
  • SELECT COUNT query fails when using solr_query
  • Missing duplicate index validation error on CREATE INDEX statement.
  • Table element in "Query Trace" view has fixed horizontal size
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