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DataStax Enterprise – Datanami Editors’ Choice for Big Data Product of the Year

Robin Schumacher
Robin Schumacher
DataStax Enterprise – Datanami Editors’ Choice for Big Data Product of the Year

I remember sitting at one of our Cassandra Summits a few years ago, listening to one of our customers—a leading ecommerce company—talk about how they use DataStax Enterprise (DSE) in their software stack.

As they were going over the scale at which they use DSE, the data point that made my eyes widen the most was that they had a single table in one of their operational DSE databases that was 40TB in size. That’s right—one table. Not one DSE cluster or even one database—one table in an OLTP database that was a whopping 40TB and still growing.

Experienced IT pros will tell you that most databases —relational or NoSQL—have trouble scaling to anywhere near that size, let alone being able to support a single object that hits such a mark. To accomplish such a feat takes a data management platform with a foundation that allows for real linear scale and an architecture that walks the big data talk without any fine print, footnotes, or asterisks that accompany its feature-set description.

Maybe this is why the editors at Datanami selected DSE as their big data product pick for 2018. They understand something we’ve said for years: if you have a dataset that can fit into memory or be handled by one to a few machines at most, then DSE likely isn’t the cloud database for you. But if you expect your business to be successful and grow to the point where you need to use medium to very large amounts of operational data in a strategic sense to keep customers happy and stay ahead of the competition, then DSE will be a hand-in-glove fit for your needs.

If you haven’t given DSE an informed look yet, I invite you to check out the many resources and case studies that showcase why Datanami chose us as their big data product winner for 2018. You can also download DSE to try out in your own environment or ping us to take a spin on our DataStax Managed Cloud.

As the only active-everywhere database capable of scaling to where you want your business to grow, with no fears of hitting any scale wall, we know you’ll be more than satisfied with how things turn out.

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