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DataStax Named to Constellation ShortList™ for Hybrid-Cloud Databases

DataStax was named to the Constellation ShortListTM for Hybrid- and Cloud-Friendly NoSQL Stores this week, underlining the important role that these modern database platforms play in helping enterprises transform their businesses to compete in the digital world. Just as importantly, the hybrid- and cloud-friendly distinction in the category title shows that Constellation recognizes the important role that NoSQL stores such as DataStax Enterprise play in helping companies make the right strategic choices with their data and cloud deployments.

“The Constellation ShortList presents our pick of NoSQL stores (including document stores, key value stores and column stores), that can run on premises, in private clouds and across leading public clouds,” said Doug Henschen, Vice President and Principal Analyst, Constellation Research. “The combination of deployment options gives you the best advantages of cloud computing while avoiding lock-in and fostering hybrid deployment and cloud portability.”

In the Constellation ShortList, DataStax is recognized in conjunction with the Apache CassandraTM open source software standard that the company has long championed for its ability to serve what we call the “Right-Now Enterprise ” and distributed applications requiring scale, performance and always-on availability. The recently-introduced DataStax Enterprise 6 platform builds on the foundations of Cassandra but offers up to three times the performance (See the zData Benchmark), simplified operations and advanced capabilities such as search, analytics and graph. These enhancements and advanced capabilities provide enterprise users with a data platform ready to help drive business transformation, and do so in an increasingly hybrid cloud world.

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