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DataStax Private Offer Now Available on Azure Marketplace

Cathleen Nelson
Cathleen Nelson
DataStax Private Offer Now Available on Azure Marketplace

DataStax is proud to announce that we have joined Microsoft’s Private Offers program, in which Microsoft partners create exclusive offers for their closest customers on Azure Marketplace.

The Marketplace Revolution

Consumerization has forever disrupted how enterprise IT does business, as evidenced with the introduction and adoption of the mobile device. Employee productivity has been cited as the driver that has IT sanctioning popular conveniences such as personal consumer electronics, online services, and social media.

As we quickly approach the holiday shopping season, we are reminded of how amazingly convenient it is to find products, research viability, and purchase with just a few clicks. Many purchases made are associated with applications developed on platforms such as the App Store and Google Play, making it easy to click and download applications that are built and integrated to work on our mobile operating system of choice.

It goes without saying that consumers of enterprise technologies are looking for similar conveniences in acquiring software through similar digital distribution experiences.

Cloud vendors are recognizing this, so they invest heavily into their digital distribution platforms,  oftentimes referred to as “Marketplace,” to distribute not only their first-party offerings but to also give their customers choices in selecting third-party software that best suits their business outcomes.

Marketplace is quickly becoming a software distribution channel that can meet the demand of customers who want to find technology options, sample pre-architected technology and pay for what they consume. Convenient credit card procurement and pre-negotiated contracts minimize the friction of procuring software for both dev/test and production workloads.

The Azure Advantage

At Build 2018, our partner Microsoft announced the public preview of Private Offers on Azure Marketplace, which enables partners to create exclusive offers that are only visible to their closest customers.

At DataStax, we understand the importance of this convenience and are excited to allow our customers the option to pay-as-you-consume, click-to-accept terms and consolidated billing onto their Azure bill through a private offering.

If a private offer is available to your company, users will be prompted that they have private offers available to them upon viewing the catalogue on the Azure portal. Private offers will also appear in search results and be deployable via command line and ARM Templates like any other offer—just look out for the “Private” badge.

If your company would like to learn more about leveraging our DSE Private Offer in the Azure Marketplace, simply reach out to our cloud team. You can also learn more about DSE on Azure Marketplace by visiting our catalog.

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