Success StoriesMay 13, 2013

Educating the Planet with Pearson

Marko A. Rodriguez
Marko A. Rodriguez
Educating the Planet with Pearson
Address         Rack    Status   State    Load        Token   rack1   Up       Normal   329.44 GB   Token(bytes[c000000000000000])  rack1   Up       Normal   348.62 GB   Token(bytes[3000000000000000])  rack1   Up       Normal   330.86 GB   Token(bytes[b000000000000000])  rack1   Up       Normal   333.57 GB   Token(bytes[a000000000000000])  rack1   Up       Normal   330.91 GB   Token(bytes[9000000000000000])  rack1   Up       Normal   326.57 GB   Token(bytes[f000000000000000])   rack1   Up       Normal   355.26 GB   Token(bytes[4000000000000000])  rack1   Up       Normal   325.73 GB   Token(bytes[e000000000000000])   rack1   Up       Normal   351.47 GB   Token(bytes[1000000000000000])   rack1   Up       Normal   332.87 GB   Token(bytes[d000000000000000])   rack1   Up       Normal   351.81 GB   Token(bytes[2000000000000000])    rack1   Up       Normal   331.56 GB   Token(bytes[8000000000000000])    rack1   Up       Normal   327.55 GB   Token(bytes[0000000000000000])   rack1   Up       Normal   345.2 GB    Token(bytes[5000000000000000])    rack1   Up       Normal   351.26 GB   Token(bytes[6000000000000000])  rack1   Up       Normal   338.07 GB   Token(bytes[7000000000000000])
name             # of tx    avg (ms)   std dev   description
scommentread     25550909   211.07     45.56     student reads the most recent comments for their courses
reccourse        5149469    467.37     178.20    students gets recommended courses to take
scommentshare    12825909   394.15     57.98     student reads comments in courses and shares a comment
scontent         20567687   279.32     81.83     student retrieves all content for a single course in their course list
saddfollow       12826912   193.72     22.77     student follows another student
scourses         7720965    233.38     79.44     student retrieves a list of all their courses with description
classmates       12849769   96.962     22.27     student retrieves a list of all their classmates
sprofile         7689669    53.740     22.61     student retrieves their profile
recfriend2       5178945    155.75     44.60     student is recommended people to follow (version 1)
scourseactivity  10371133   565.76     189.80    student retrieves the top 10 most recent activities in their courses
scommentadd      5182558    281.90     44.326    student reads course comments and comments at some depth in the discussion tree
recfriend1       5189435    241.33     256.48    student is recommended people to follow (version 2)
sreshare         12850473   284.07     68.20     student reads their stream and shares an item with followers
ssharelink       5140363    261.58     35.75     student shares a link with followers
sdiscussadd      2604696    246.35     34.64     student browses courses and then adds a new discussion topic to a course
sstream          76301001   224.93     84.48     student reads their personal stream    

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