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Developer Newsletter: Four Reasons Why Apache Pulsar is Essential to the Modern Data Stack

Jonathan Ellis
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Developer Newsletter: Four Reasons Why Apache Pulsar is Essential to the Modern Data Stack

Messaging has been on DataStax’s radar for several years. A significant motivator for this is the increasing popularity of microservices-based architectures. Briefly, microservices architectures use a message bus to decouple communication between services and to simplify replay, error handling, and load spikes.


With Apache Cassandra™ and DataStax Astra Cassandra-as-a-service, developers and architects have a database ecosystem that is:

  1. Based on open source
  2. Well-suited for hybrid- and multi-cloud deployments
  3. Available in a cloud-native, consumption-priced service

There is no current messaging solution that satisfies these requirements, so we’re building one. We started by evaluating the most popular option, Apache Kafka. We found that it came up short in four areas:

  1. Geo-replication
  2. Scaling
  3. Multi-tenancy
  4. Queuing

Apache Pulsar solves all of these problems to our satisfaction. 

If you want to explore these in more detail, read the full article here!

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