CompanyMay 9, 2013

Free ODBC Drivers for Cassandra and Hadoop Now Available

Robin Schumacher
Robin Schumacher
Free ODBC Drivers for Cassandra and Hadoop Now Available

I’m pleased to let you know that we’re now providing free ODBC drivers for Hadoop/Hive as well as Cassandra.

Our ODBC driver for Hive has been available for a while now, however while we charged a small fee for it in the past, we’re now making it completely free for everyone to use.

Something new is our ODBC driver for Cassandra, which we’re providing in beta form right now for the Windows platform. Our new Cassandra driver conforms to the standard ODBC 3.52 standards, which practically means you can use it to connect to any open source Cassandra or DataStax Enterprise cluster from many open source and proprietary BI, query, and ETL tools (e.g. Microsoft Excel, Tableau, MicroStrategy, etc.), and work with data in Cassandra.

Again, note that the Cassandra driver is beta at the moment, so be sure to read the accompanying documentation that comes in the installation package to understand the current limitations (e.g. no support for CQL3 at the moment; a future release will work with CQL3).

You can download the ODBC drivers now on our drivers downloads page, and don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.


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