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From geo-replication to advanced CDC—here’s what’s new in Astra Streaming

David Dieruf
David DierufDeveloper Advocate, Streaming at DataStax
From geo-replication to advanced CDC—here’s what’s new in Astra Streaming

Here’s your fix for the latest in streaming at DataStax. Our team is always here to help you with anything Apache Pulsar™ related. Astra Streaming is a multi-cloud streaming-as-a-service platform built on Apache Pulsar™. Want to learn more? Head over here.

Features and Enhancements

Asynchronous geo-replication

Replicate your messages in different regions of different cloud providers with a check of a box! A perfect example of how Astra Streaming takes all the operations complexities away and lets you get to the messaging. Read more in the docs.

GCP Australia region added

Another addition to our list of supported regions. Your excuses for not using Astra are running out.

Astra Streaming is the easiest way to get a free Apache Pulsar cluster running in no time.

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Multiple input topics for sink connectors

Data isn't coming from a single source, it’s coming from a ton of sources. So we added the ability to create a single sink connector that watches many different topics at once.

Pulsar IO connectors

Connectors are made of sources and sinks. While Astra Streaming UI makes it super easy to manage both connector types, going to production usually means automation. So we rebuilt the connectors area in documentation to include a full reference for pulsar-admin and curl. That includes create, remove, update, and everything in between. There’s a table of possible values and direction for observability as well. See the full reference.

Oh! Speaking of connectors, we also opened up the full list of experimental connectors. Apache Pulsar’s ecosystem is constantly expanding and Astra Streaming manages them all. See something you like? Drop the team an email and we’ll get you going.

Astra Streaming is currently using Luna Streaming 2.10 1.7. Read the latest release notes.

Documentation and Code

Scrape Astra Streaming metrics with Prometheus

If you didn’t believe us when we said Astra Streaming has all the features of Apache Pulsar without the operations, this should convince you. Each of your tenants in Astra Streaming has metrics that your Prometheus instance can scrape. Read more in the docs.

Extended and advanced CDC examples

A collection of common producer and consumer techniques. Most of them have to do with CDC for Astra DB and (more specifically) consuming structured Avro messages from a topic. Here’s the GitHub repo.

Learn more about Apache Pulsar in our YouTube playlist:
5 Minutes about Apache Pulsar

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