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Gathering the Apache Cassandra® Tribe at DataStax Accelerate

Jeffrey Carpenter
Jeffrey CarpenterSoftware Engineer - Stargate
Gathering the Apache Cassandra® Tribe at DataStax Accelerate

Patrick McFadin and Jeff Carpenter from the DataStax Developer Relations team chat about what talks they want to attend at conferences in general and what abstracts they would love to see community members submitting for DataStax Accelerate's Call for Papers

In our travels, we frequently run into people who miss the Cassandra Summits and ask when there will be another chance to get together with friends, peers and colleagues. The DataStax Accelerate conference is the biggest opportunity to “gather the tribe” since the last Cassandra Summit we hosted back in 2016.

We are gathering multiple intersecting communities at the DataStax Accelerate conference:

  • The Apache Cassandra open source community
  • The Graph community and friends of Apache TinkerPop
  • Enterprise developers using DataStax Enterprise


DataStax Accelerate is a perfect chance for each of these communities to experience the spontaneous interactions that inevitably occur both in sessions and the “hallway track”.

The key factor in helping us gather these communities is you! We already have speakers from IBM, METRO NOM GmbH, Walgreens, American Airlines, Discover Financial Services, and more lined up to share their stories and drive the conversation forward, as well as DataStax experts eager to provide how-tos and insights into product direction.  But there are still a lot of opportunities for you to present your story. We’d love to hear about:

  • Real-world problems and the technology you used to solve them
  • Times you tested the limits, broke things, and what you learned
  • Successes, failures, and best practices


Video alert!  Check out what Patrick McFadin, VP Developer Relations and Jeff Carpenter, Dir. Developer Advocates at DataStax have to say about CFPs/call for papers in the attached video.

These are the talks that will make for a great conference. The CFP closes on Feb 15th! You can find some great tips for picking topics and crafting your CFP response here. Please reach out to us if you want some feedback on your idea or need some help shaping your abstract, we’d love to help!

See you at Accelerate!

Jeff & Patrick

DataStax Accelerate


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