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GitHub Copilot + DataStax Astra DB: Build GenAI Apps 100x Faster

Alex Leventer
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GitHub Copilot + DataStax Astra DB: Build GenAI Apps 100x Faster

Imagine being able to chat with your database, building queries and code with a statement as simple as "Tell me about my databases" or "Help me write a query about my movies table.” With the new DataStax Astra DB extension for GitHub Copilot, this new kind of experience is a reality for developers working with databases and data APIs. 

The new extension, announced during today's Microsoft Build keynote, lets developers chat with their data to create queries and code using natural language, greatly accelerating the development process and shortening the time to production for applications. 

Seamless access via a familiar interface

At Microsoft Build today, GitHub is expected to demonstrate how this new extension provides developers seamless access to their Astra DB database through the familiar GitHub Copilot Chat interface. Developers describe desired data outcomes in natural-language prompts, and Copilot translates those requests into database queries that the Astra DB Data API will execute. 

Gone are the days of writing complex queries; developers can focus now on building, instead of tedious data manipulation.

Code like the wind

Once you get used to talking to your data, you’ll start to see the benefits for devs, including:

  • Lightning productivity: 🛠️📈  Copilot now provides intelligent suggestions and code snippets tailored to your Astra DB schema and metadata, removing routine coding tasks.

  • Code quality: 📋✅  Copilot Chat’s context-aware suggestions and autocomplete help reduce syntax and logical errors in your code, while best practices for data modeling and query optimization provide for a cleaner, more efficient codebase.

  • Fast onboarding: 🚀💡  Understand the database structure and get to your data with ease!

Get started today

You can chat with your data right now! Developers invited to the limited public beta can install the Astra DB extension, via the GitHub Marketplace, as an application on their organization. Register for a free Astra DB account to get started!

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