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Gremlin Recipes

This is a series of articles explaining how Gremlin traversals work. Those contents are the minimum knowledges you need in order to master Gremlin!

Gremlin Lab Coat

In order to be familiar with Gremlin traversal syntax and techniques, you need to understand how the language works. The below Gremlin recipes series will grant you a deep insight into Gremlin internals.

  1. Understanding Gremlin Traversals
  2. SQL to Gremlin
  3. Recommendation Engine traversal
  4. Recursive traversals
  5. Path object
  6. Projection and selection
  7. Variable handling
  8. sack() operator
  9. Pattern Matching
  10. Depth-first vs Breadth-first

This series was first published on DuyHai's blog.   

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