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How DataStax Astra DB on Microsoft Azure Helps Skypoint Transform Senior Care

Arlene Go
Arlene Go
How DataStax Astra DB on Microsoft Azure Helps Skypoint Transform Senior Care

The senior care and living industry face numerous challenges, including an aging population, resource constraints, labor shortages, and regulatory complexities.  Skypoint a SaaS provider specializing in data, analytics, and AI services, is committed to improving productivity and efficiency in this critical sector. 

One thing that has significantly slowed technology adoption in this industry has been the lack of user-friendly interfaces. SkyPoint Cloud addresses this challenge by leveraging generative AI, which enables natural and intuitive interactions between seniors, caregivers, and software systems. By simplifying complex applications and streamlining the user experience, Skypoint empowers seniors and caregivers to access information and insights effortlessly, leading to enhanced care.

Skypoint is dedicated to maintaining the privacy, data security, and compliance required in the healthcare industry. Safeguarding protected health information and delivering accurate real-time AI recommendations, along with scalability and customization, necessitate enterprise-grade capabilities. 

Skypoint has collaborated with Microsoft Azure and DataStax to overcome these challenges. This collaboration has helped build environments to address data privacy, security, and other complex issues while delivering value to customers across industries.

Leveraging extensive distribution channels and AI services with Microsoft Azure 

Azure is pivotal in Skypoint's operations and growth. Azure's scale and ability to meet the unique requirements of healthcare organizations enables Skypoint to serve its target customers in the Senior Care and Living industry. Skypoint's SaaS solutions use several Azure services, including Azure OpenAI Service, Azure Data Factory, and Azure Data Lake Gen 2. Microsoft's support through its startup program and commitment to driving innovation in generative AI further solidifies the our relationship and empowers SkyPoint Cloud to deliver cutting-edge solutions.

"Skypoint relies on Microsoft Azure as the foundation for its entire compute fabric, networking, and storage infrastructure,” says Tisson Mathew, Skypoint's founder and CEO. “Microsoft has been an invaluable partner to Skypoint since our inception three years ago. Their ISP and startup programs provided us with substantial financial support to successfully launch our product. We can seamlessly integrate our product as an add-on, simplifying the process for our end customers."

DataStax vector search capabilities in Astra DB supercharge Skypoint’s AI stack

Within the Azure ecosystem, DataStax Astra DB plays a crucial role in enhancing Skypoint's AI stack. By incorporating vector search capabilities into Astra DB, now in GA, Skypoint enables semantic search, ensuring customers can access the most relevant and up-to-date data in real-time. This integration significantly enhances the speed and accuracy of AI applications, resulting in a seamless and efficient user experience. Using DataStax’s vector database as a memory component, Skypoint's generative AI applications gain a deeper understanding of context, further elevating the overall customer experience.

“Finding specific policies and operating procedures is time-consuming and challenging due to scattered storage across various platforms,” Mathew says. “Using Astra DB's vector search capabilities, Skypoint can leverage these benefits to enhance its services, offering users real-time, contextual, and personalized solutions. This leads to accurate predictions and personalized healthcare outcomes at a lower cost.”

Skypoint's relationship with Microsoft and DataStax has revolutionized the healthcare industry's approach to data and AI. By providing accessible and human-like AI solutions, Skypoint addresses the challenges that senior care and senior living industry faces. Using the capabilities of Azure and Astra DB, Skypoint delivers scalable, secure, and customizable solutions that drive real value for its customers.

Watch this video to learn more about Skypoint’s partnership with Microsoft and DataStax.

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