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Inspired Execution: Going from 0 to 100 in 90 Days with Jackson CIO

Inspired Execution: Going from 0 to 100 in 90 Days with Jackson CIO

Jackson CIO and SVP Dev Ganguly talks about how getting his team on-board with the rapid pace of tech evolution starts with focusing on the customer. 

This week’s installment of the Inspired Execution podcast features a conversation with DataStax Chairman and CEO Chet Kapoor and Jackson SVP and CIO Dev Ganguly. 

Join Chet and Dev as they discuss:

  • Why Dev believes the rise of the open-source movement has made technology even easier and more accessible than ever before
  • How things have never changed faster than they do today, and how, in the future, things will never change as slowly as they do today
  • Why focusing on the customer makes it easier to be excited about the pace of change in technology
  • How Dev is passionate about AI and why he believes most people think about it the wrong way
  • How data is the fuel of the new economy and how it will help fuel cognitive models and AI engines in the future

Over the last 20 years, Dev has seen a lot of change in the tech industry, moving from the dot-com bubble to where we find ourselves today.

“What I've realized is most people, most humans, are not naturally built for the pace of change we are seeing.” 

Finding success amidst all this rapid change starts with getting the team on board.

“The biggest aspect for me, not just as a CIO, but any of the roles I have, is how to inspire people to be not just comfortable with the change, but be excited about the change and drive forward progress.”

In Dev’s experience, getting the team on board starts with focusing intently on the customer in all that you do.

“I think looking at the entire broad spectrum of your customers and driving towards that hyper-personalized experience for them, keeping that in mind can absolutely get your entire staff excited.”

Dev is also a huge fan of artificial intelligence and data. 

“AI is important, but even more important for us is to liberate data, because data is the fuel of this new economy. And the more data we have, the more capable the cognitive models or the AI engines are going to be.”

However, the human touch isn’t going away any time soon.

“When the stock market crashes, and as an end consumer, when you look that market drop, you really do not want to go to a machine or a robot to get that empathy, to get that encouragement that do not act stupid and do something which will hurt your long-term goal of achieving financial freedom for life.”

Listen to this episode of Inspired Execution to learn more about the journey that brought Dev to his current position, how AI can help people achieve financial freedom, how to get your team to buy into the rapid pace of innovation, and more.

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