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Inspired Execution: Our Front Door is Our Mobile App with Home Depot SVP of Information Technology

Home Depot SVP of Information Technology, Fahim Siddiqui tells us how to work in an agile manner while leading with fundamental grounding in terms of people, process, and technologies. Fahim shares the importance of velocity in decision making, at a time when Home Depot is seeing ‘Black Friday’ volumes every day.

We’re back with another episode of the Inspired Execution podcast.

In the second episode, Our Front Door is Our Mobile App, Fahim Siddiqui, Home Depot SVP of Information Technology, shares his journey in entrepreneurship and the corporate world. Fahim highlights how the intersection of inspiration, aspiration, and execution work together to get a dream across the finish line — at both startups and well-established organizations.

“It’s always easier to dream. But I think it really is grounding into processes, grounding into setting up milestones and follow up, following through and ensuring that things get done.” — Fahim Siddiqui, SVP of Information Technology, Home Depot

Fahim also underscores how the grit and determination found in startups can be transferred over to larger corporations. You just need to encourage team members to believe “in the art of the possible.”

“The higher up you move into the organization, the less top-down power you use, and the more you empower. You’re never going to have all the insights, but a team together can.” — Fahim Siddiqui, SVP of Information Technology, Home Depot

His deep knowledge and expertise in the customer journey experience shines throughout the episode. Perhaps most intriguingly, Fahim emphasizes how Home Depot is transforming and changing the way they approach customer engagement by viewing the “front door to stores is their mobile application and the Internet.”

“When we think about digital transformation in that context, we think about interconnected commerce. We don’t think about e-commerce as one thing and in-store commerce as another. It’s all on the same continuum of the customer journey.”
— Fahim Siddiqui, SVP of Information Technology, Home Depot

We invite you to listen to Inspired Execution and hope you can apply the key learnings from Fahim to lead your own powerful data-driven enterprise.

The story behind “Inspired Execution”

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The podcast series is available on InspiredExecution.comApple PodcastsGoogle Podcasts, and Spotify.

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